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Phone Number: 1-888-466-7827

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  1. I have a 2018 Chevy Equinox purchased in December 2017. After the three months trial, I’m now on Basic free for 5 years. I added hands free minutes for $5.00 a month. Question, today while wanted to make a call it gave be an option for directions. I gave my home and the directions appeared with voice on dash. Is this feature included in basic?

  2. t have on-star in my 2009 chevy I do not want to use one-star at this time but I do want to use the speaker because if I try to drive and talk there a problem with the police and I am to old for that can you help me

  3. On March 29, 2018 we were coming into Albuquerque, NM and tried to get driving directions to Colorado Springs. On Star kept saying the lines were all busy. After about 15 minutes we were able to have our call answered and he said the map was being sent to our vehicle. Then it said map could not be installed and we were signed off On Star right in downtown Albuquerque. This same thing happened two other times in March when we were in Phoenix. We pay a lot of money for On Star and expect it to work when we need it especially in large cities like these. If this is going to be the norm, I’ll probably go back to my Garmin for directions.

    On March 30, 2108 I called On Star for driving directions back home from Colorado Springs asking to take the toll road E-470 off I-25 at Denver. She said she couldn’t find that even when I told her the exit off I-25 was 194. I finally told her to give me what she had and I would find exit 194. When she sent me the map it was entirely wrong….it wanted me to head south on I-25 instead of north. Again my Garmin would have at least got me out of Colorado Springs going north not south. Until the first of the year I have been satisfied with On Star but recently not being able to receive the maps when we are being told they are being sent is not acceptable.

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