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  1. I need my money back asap. I don’t want anyone trying to talk me out of it. I just want what is mine. Is this a scam, I ask myself. Then I say yes. Please just put my money back on my card thank you.

  2. I have been on the phone with them about 30 minutes, they’re going to give me my money back and close the account. They didn’t want to let me go, just stay strong and push through their extra advice they’re trying to give you. You may go from caller 3 to 4 a couple of times, but you’ll get there.

  3. I have spoken with 2 individuals and they make it so hard for you to cancel your account. They both ask me why I want to cancel and then go into their benefits and so on and so forth. This is so frustrating. Then they canceled my account but told me that I can’t get a refund but they will go ahead and keep my starter fee of $39.00 and put that towards the $24.95 monthly fee. Please, and I do repeat, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY TO BUILD YOUR CREDIT!

  4. I would like to cancel card,and would like my 29dollars back in my account.it’s been a week don’t need it now
    you people don’t even have a phone number,i’ll call BBB and see if ur scaming people.

  5. i was approved for my card this morning but have decided to cancel,i talked to several people they kept offering me several different opptions .all i wanted to do was close my account it took along time to convince these people that i decided i did not want this i want my money put back in my checking asap

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