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FPL is the primary company operated by NextEra Energy. FPL is a power utility company that serves 10 Million People in Florida. FPL is short for Florida Power and Light. 

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Customer Service: 1-888-988-8249

Phone Number: 1-561-694-4000

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FPL Customer Service
FPL Customer Service

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  1. FPL is charging me for power surge protection that i did not authorize this been going on for years and now i found out that my address is not on file with fpl energy service.however my name is on file with them and my account number is also ( BUT THE ADDRESS IS COMPLETELY WRONG ) they said i need to talk to FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT to fine out why i am being charge for this at a different address under my account number and my address i have been living here at for about 40 years they would not tell me what address i am paying 2.50 a month for i talked to mr. alexis at fpl on 1/9/23, NO ONE NEVER CONTACTED ME AT ALL i am RETIRED. I NEED MY MONEY BACK. HELP, HELP. I Also called again on 1/18/23 spoke with jeanette Fowler at FPLenergy services. with no results .i would definitely like to get this matter resolved. no one seems to know what they are doing with this matter. please contact me .

  2. I have moved and now have 2 places using fpl. I need to stop electric at 26186 Princess Lane in Bonita Springs Fl. but still want electric left on at 20551 Tahitian blvd in Estero Fl. All I get when calling the 800 number is a recording and I’m not getting anywhere with it

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