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How to Contact Alabama Power Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-245-2244 association with this company:

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  1. I have limbs in my yard from a tree Alabama power had cut over a week ago!

    I can’t cut my grass in that area because of the limbs. Please reply!

  2. I think APC does a very good job,I only hope this continues! Dedication thru all employee’s is a must . Be safe & thank you again.

  3. There is a dead tree near the power line across the street from our house. It appears that if it falls, it will either hit the power lines or take out the service to either our or our neighbors house. 330 Hickory Road, Gardendale Alabama 35071

  4. How can you talk to them when the number has been discontinued or no longer in service? Chester Feagin

  5. for a company that has monopolized a large portion of Alabama there is no negotiations we fell on hard times Alabama Power take advantage of that told me over the phone all we had to pay $ 280 to keep the power wife had to pay the full amount to keep the power on the next day my wife and I have 5 kids three of which have been adopted money is not abundant but we are inrolling all the kids in school we just forgot to pay Alabama Power and they have been very uncooperativeif. If you’re going to negotiate with them you have got to do it before you are behind it does not matter how you paid your bill in the past

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