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FPL is the primary company operated by NextEra Energy. FPL is a power utility company that serves 10 Million People in Florida. FPL is short for Florida Power and Light. 

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Customer Service: 1-888-988-8249

Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-694-4000

FPL Corporate Offices

700 Universe Boulevard

Juno Beach, FL 33408

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FPL Customer Service
FPL Customer Service

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  1. I have moved and now have 2 places using fpl. I need to stop electric at 26186 Princess Lane in Bonita Springs Fl. but still want electric left on at 20551 Tahitian blvd in Estero Fl. All I get when calling the 800 number is a recording and I’m not getting anywhere with it

  2. You said on your bill that I could report my phone number so you could contact me if need be. I have spent almost a half hour trying to find out how to do that, trying many apps before I finally found this one. My phone number is. My name and email are below. However, my computer doesn’t work well so PLEASE send a letter or call about an emergency. ALL of us are not rich enough to have expensive emails or phones.

  3. “Thank You for quick Service.

    Last night after hearing a loud noise like a gunshot in the neighborhood, I looked outside and saw

    that the other side of our street was dark and some street lights were out. My power was not affected

    so I proceeded to get ready for bed as it was about midnight. A few minutes later a neighbor from across

    the street knocked on my door. Her power was off and could not call FPL as her cordless phone was

    inoperable. We called customer service and listened to the menu options including the hours of operation

    etc. and was about to give up when finally an option was enter 1 if you have a power outage. Not having

    the requested account number handy, I hesitated and finally, a live pleasant voice asked for our information

    and tested the meter and could see that there was a problem and reported it. The pleasant voice estimated

    service would be restored by 2:30 AM. This seemed realistic as it was just after midnight at this time,

    It was about 50 minutes later that I heard what sounded like a large service truck so I got up and looked

    out and saw that the power was back on. And the truck was leaving. I was amazed at such a quick response.

    Any way, other than the awkward phone, menu I am very pleased that your service crew can and did respond

    very quickly and efficiently which is very commendable.

    My only suggestion would be that the customer service menu should immediately ask if you have an

    emergency or power outage rather than go on about billing and hours of service before presenting

    that option. I regret tempering my complement on good service with a suggestion, but I trust that someone

    reads these comments and will attempt to improve the system

    Over all I am very pleased with FPL and thank you for providing good dependable service”

    1. I am very very very displeased with the proactive response to the tree threat to the power line feeding my FPL service. My call was to be proactive to a pending issue but preventative measures to keep service at peak performance does not appear to be a mission of your organization.

  4. I have been trying to reach a representative for 2 months. Never can and just hang up. I was billed in Dec for $89.06, FPL shows a returned pmt on Jan 3rd and reposted on Jan 4th and cleared our bank. The bank doesn’t show any returns. The we were billed in Feb for $228.00 that included the $89.06 again. I believe we overpaid, but based on your customer service setup it doesn’t allow customers to speak to a representative. Please review my account and advise of your findings.

  5. we are in the process of having our fence replaced from Hurricane Irma, seems there is a tree growing between our fence, and our neighbors fence, which is also growing into the power lines. I called a tree company to remove the tree, and they said they can’t remove it since it involves power lines. I tried calling into a customer service number that gave me many options, except what I needed!

  6. I would just like to talk to a real person ..they take money out of my checking acct ,,witch is fine ..but they take it out before my check goes in ..so they are costing me 35.00 dollars a month ..they should nt take it until after the 5th of the month .. please call me

  7. They suck!!! They are a godless corporation that they do not care what you think, if you can or can’t pay your bills. If you’re disabled and get behind on your bills, heaven forbid. They will not help you. I have been a customer for 27 years and always paid my bill, now I get behind they say “can’t help you”. The worst part is they won’t even accept partial payment…your electric bill still gets turned off!!!

  8. FPL is the worst run company that I know of, the customer service is nil, they do not listen to you and frequently talk over you, not allowing you to speak. Then they cannot figure out why the accounts are not correct or why they did not do what you have asked to be done.



  10. From 1154 West 35th ST Apt. 101 Hialeah,again the electricity started to flicker on and off until it went out. I called FPL COSTUMER SERVICES and I was told that they will send a truck somentime the same day. I requested a time frame to be there and they could not help on that. Same day around 3:00pm I got a phone call from the FPL worker in reference to the problem. According to the FPL worker the right bottom lug-bolt that hold the meter can was loose but he could not tighten it. He advised me to call an electrician to do it. The electrician came later that day and tighten both RT and LT lug-bolt. The electrician stated tha FPL should tighten the services wires to the meter can. I hope this is the end of the problem with the electricity. Aurora Morrell

  11. I was trying to get amount due on my bill. I spelled our name,address,and gave phone# 6 times,was told our account could not be located. I explained we have lived here 10 years,asked for a supervisor was refused that request,and once again gave our information. I wonder if THIS call WAS monitored! HORRIBLE service!!!

  12. Just got a promo notice to sign up for auto bill and recieve a $50. credit card credit. Since I am already on auto bill, I guess I should cancel and re-apply to qualify . How would you like me to proceed?

  13. 1154 West 35th ST Hialeah. 04/18/2013 the electricity went off again and also on 04/19/2013.Today 04/21/2013 went off and came back in about 5min. Aurora Morrell

  14. ON April 9,2013 around 6:00pm power went off at 1154 WEST 35th ST. Apt #101 in Hialeah. FPL was notified and I was told that a FPL truck will arrive around 11:45. FPL employee show up at 12:00pm walk in the meter room and stated that another truck will come around 2:30pm. At 2:00pm a second truck came to look and the FPL employee said that the problem was the smart meter,he requested a new smart meter to be brough in by another truck. Shortly after a third crew came in and the new smart meter was installed and power was restored. Iam wondering if there are other cases in wish such new meter had failed. Thank you for the help. Aurora Morrell

  15. send a letter to the following and every time there is a complaint against FPL,

    I sent a letter and they get in touch with FPL to fix the problem.



    Florida Public Service Commission

    2540 Shumard Oak Blvd.

    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0850

    Local Consumer Assistance Line: 1-850-413-6100

    Toll Free Consumer Assistance Line: 1-800-342-3552

    Toll Free Fax: 1-800-511-0809

    Contact the PSC: Contact Form

    Contact email address: contact@psc.state.fl.us

    Web Page Address: http://www.floridaPSC.com

    PSC Staff Phone Directory

    Directions to PSC Offices and Parking

  16. FPL refuses to take accountability or responsibility for their mistakes.

    The transformer right outside my apartment keeps blowing up. The cable running from my building to the grid is corroded. I called and the person I spoke with said that FPL isn’t going to do anything to fix it, because it’s not their job to guarantee continuty and consistency of service. May jaw hit the floor.

    I have been waiting all day for a technician to show up, it’s now past midnight. My case is being escalated to the Quality Assurance department.

    They’re a monopoly, so they can get away with treating their customers like garbage. This is such a disgrace.

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