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  1. My son had to put new hard drive in my computer. I cannot get into pogo, I called 3 different numbers and they said I had to buy a contract. I should not have to buy any contract. Please give me someone that can help me get pogo going. Thank you

  2. Trying to change my card number on pogo account and find problem on your side not mine. Need to charge account by May 10, 018. Tried finding a telephone number to call, NO LUCK.


  3. i canceled my pogo pay for no ads and went on to pogo free games.
    now i am being charged on my master card for 43.54. this charge was to have been credited to my MC. PLEASE issue this credit to my account asap.!!!!!!!!

  4. I am having a problem changing my payment plan,it says I have been banned. I have been with pogo for 12 years and am very upset over this, I don’t want to lose my memberships,tokens or badges, my dues is due now, but cannot take care of this, Please contact me asap

  5. Electronic Arts is a joke. You pay for to belong toe Club Pogo and have NO WAY of contacting anyone. They REFUSE to give you a phone number. I HATE THIS COMPANY! The more I have to deal with their garbage the more I HATE THEM. no matter where you call or where you go to online, there is NEVER anything to help with your problem. YET..
    You are expected to spend endless hours wading through all their garbage with NO RESOLUTION. If there were a rating below 0, I would give that the one. It makes NO SENSE!

    1. if someone does not help me get back to my pogo after 13years I wicancl my renew sub. and I even tried opening a new account same problems you take our money and give us mager pain they should be sued or give whats promised

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