Zynga Customer Service


How To Contact Zynga Customer Service

Zynga is the popular social gaming platform that was popularized by Facebook. Their games include Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Frontierville, Cafe World, Treasure Isle and Petville. 1-800-762-2530


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  1. I noticed the same thing with FarmVille 2 too. What happened was iPad $59 on my iTunes balance due by 54 $99 worth of a huge amount of keys so that I can in large my game. Well it wouldn’t allow me to use or purchase the largest amount of keys I could go one step down. That was yesterday. And today when I try to buy for 2499. It says that although I have a $29 balance still with her $25 balance with iTunes, my payment to buy the keys is not being excepted. When I tried to reach Zynga all I was told to do was deposit five dollars by credit card, but gave me no alternative as I don’t have a credit card

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