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  1. i always used the prevident 5000 sensitive when it was in a tube and was great but this new container gets blocked at opening and i have to use a pin to unblock the opening every time and then when you squeeze to get some on your brush, it gushes out…also my dentist said people have complained as well… i called colgate and they could care less…they offered a coupon for a free toothbrush which i dont need…very disappointed…

  2. Please send me directions to operate the Colgate 360 Optic White Power toothbrush. None were included in the packaging (except how to replace batteries and toothbrush head). The large button turns on the brush — how do you turn it off?

  3. I bought the Colgate prescription toothpaste. The toothpaste is ok, but I can’t get it out of the container. I, nor anyone else can squeeze it hard enough to get the toothpaste to come out. It is about 3/4 full and I had to cut the top off of it and put a spoon handle in the container to get the toothpaste out. this is ridiculous and it makes me angry. I paid $10.00 for this prescription and your container is useless. Why didn’t you put in in a regular tube?

    I would like a refund and you can have your toothpaste back. It is useless to me.

  4. This July, I will be joining a contingent of teachers and medical professionals in Grenada on a mission trip. I have selected to teach approximately 110 very under-privileged children (ages 4-9) about good oral hygiene, developing healthy habits, etc.

    Would you please consider donating toothpaste samples toward this cause? What would you need from me to enable such assistance?

    Thank you for you consideration in this matter.



    I can also be reached at

  5. 19=07=2015.

    I still have a Colgate Maximum cavity protection tooth paste produced in Thailand,and this product of yours has gone HARD? your comments please and where can I get a free replacement for this item,or do you want the item sent to UK head office?????.

    Cannt give you rating till I get your response

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