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  1. May 11, 2016 I sent this email to ..along with several photos of the shoe in dispute. This is a copy of the email.

    “I received a pair of Cole Haan shoes as a gift. This is not my first pair of Cole Haan shoes. However, this particular pair has a defect that causes the heel area of the shoe to cave in toward the center. I have enclosed several photos. Do you have any suggestions as how I may correct this problem”?

    May 19 I called the Cole Haan customer service ( 1-800-695-8945 ) stating that I had not received any response to my May 11 email. I spoke to a lady (Arian) and was told I would have to supply information as to the “Where and When” of my purchase.The shoes were a gift from my daughter. I obtained the “Where and When” info.

    May 19 I called Cole Haan and supplied the “Where and When” info to a man named Daryl. It was suggested that I be patient and give Customer Service a little more time to react to my May 11 email.

    May 26 I called the 1-800-695-8945 number (third time) and attempted to explain (to Donald) my concern that I was receiving no response to my May 11 concerns. At this time I requested to speak to a supervisor. Donald transferred me to Mark F. Much to my amazement, Donald F had a copy of my May 11 email. Mr “D” explained that after reviewing my case that there was a warranty issue and there was nothing that Cole Haan could do to resolve my concerns surrounding my claim that this particular pair of Loafer-moccasins had a defect. Yes, a very straight forward answer to my May 11 email of “Do you have any suggestions as how I may correct this problem. ” Mr. D apologized for the lack of response to my concern.

    It is very apparent (to me) that Cole Haan had no intent of answering my May 11 email. Oh yes. Mr.D did offer to provide a 30 per cent discount on a purchase of new Cole Haan shoes. An offer that is available all over the Internet. Borderline insulting.

    Cole Haan has to improve their efforts to maximize the potential of the Cole Haan promise to satisfy the people they serve.

  2. Although I own several pairs of Cole Haans, I’m no longer a loyal customer. I recently returned a pair that I bought online using the pre-paid UPS label. After nearly a month, I called and was told the shoes had arrived and to expect payment soon. After nearly another month, I called and was told there was no record of the shoes ever arriving. Its been nearly two months and no refund.

  3. I purchased a pair of black winged tipped mens shoes less than three years ago and the sole under the plantar area of the foot has a hole!!!!! My husband owns more than one pair of shoes. The best the representative could do was provide me with the restoration department on line where I can get them repaired for a fee? I would think if you paid for a quality shoe you should have a quality shoe that lasts more than three years. Oh by the way it is both shoes not one with holes and threads that are worn through.

  4. I was dining Saturday night at Armani’s Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel Tampa airport. While getting out my car to valet park, the heel came off my shoe – Cole Hahn Nike loafers. I proceeded to shred rubber all through the hotel in pieces. While entering the restaurant (with white carpet, the other heel came off and shredded rubber all over the restaurant. Looked like a Formula One track, I was so embarassed to be in the company of clients and family. Completely ruined my evening. Granted the shoes were not new, but looked to be in fine con dition. I loved the shoes $180) but would hesitate to purchase again. I thought you should know about this. P.S. I have photos

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