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How To Contact Coleman Customer Service Contact Information: 1-800-835-3278

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  1. We bought a 62 t Coleman extreme 5 cooler last September feom Walmart. We used it for a day trip and then used it recently to go to the beach. The ice lasted a couple hours and cooler was full of water. The water didn’t even stay cool. Today, I called customer service and was told this cooler was made in 2012 ( we bought it end of season “brand new” 2017. Of course, without receipt, Coleman will not replace. As we spoke to representative, answering her questions, we notice both sides of cooler lid is warped and a gap. We asked how does Coleman allow their products to sit wherever the retailer chooses, go through being moved, possibly banged around (in our case, 5 years) or even other heavy products on top and allow them to sell A sub par product and not stand behind it? That question couldn’t be answered. We have been a user of Coleman products for many years. We had an air mattress years ago that was defective and wouldn’t hold air now this ridiculous cooler. Since Coleman decided to not stand up for their customer, we will be buying their competitors brand from now on. As their products we already own, we will trash them instead of selling it even gifting this taking away just a small

    Part of their advertising. You won’t see us sporting any Coleman products and will make awards to anyone or any site our experience. Thanks for nothing, Coleman! Are Just another money grubbing company??

  2. 6/15/14

    Last fall I ordered a replacement cover for my 10X10 coleman shade canopy. They sent me 8X8. I had to pay $14.00 shipping to return. After many E mails, phone calls and weeks,(they said they did not receive wrong one back)

    After sending them proof, with their warehouse employee signature from (UPS) and more E mails. they sent me another top. Same thing 8X8, after many E mails. This one did not send back. Didn’t seem right to have to pay freight again. Received another, same thing 8X8. This time I sent them a video of top, from one end to other. Videoed the tag that said 10X10. Laid tape along side of top showing 8X8. After more E mails .Never heard from them again. Never received correct top, nor my money bck, nor an apology. Everytime I talked to the rep. helping me (haha), he treated me like a liar. I will never buy another Coleman product, nor recommend them. Frances

  3. Dear Coleman,Does the Coleman non-stick steel griddle have a coating on it to make it non-stick?What is the coating,teflon?Thank you please e mail me and let me know.Marion

  4. My son has a Coleman inflatable boat. Recently when we inflate it, we have noticed that chambers 1 and 4 lose air. Can anything be done about this?

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