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How To Contact Clarks Shoes USA Customer Service

Clarks puts their heart into every pair of our shoes to create stylish footwear that protects and cares for our customers? feet.

Clarks USA

Address: 156 Oak Street, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

Phone Number: 800-211-5461



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  1. If Clark’s cares so much about their customer’s feet, why don’t they continue to make Wave Tec

    shoes? I am going to have to go find some New Balance since the Wave tek has been discontinued.

    I tried the Andes, but it is not as comfortable for me. Not good for my feet.

  2. I have 8 pair of Clark shoes that are falling apart,took pictures if you want to see them,falling apart just setting in box and even soles are cracking,clarks should last for years,what has happened

  3. Clarks. I purchased a pair of Clarks that have stretched to poiny I cannot wear them. i got blisters as too lose, walked out of them, turned my ankle and I have had knee surgery so I cannot afford to risk wearing these shoes. I bought them at Carsons but have worn them so cannot return them. These were I believe either 85 or 99 dollar shoes. Style is Hayla Canyon, Red leather, 261 07415. I wish to have the full price returned to me so that I may purchase another pair and to compensate for the blisters that I received while wearing them with a twisted ankle as well. I have other Clark shoes but these just stretched and am not pleased at all and want Clarks to take responsibility. my telephone number is. Please have someone get in touch with me right away.

    July 13, 2015

  4. It is very frustrating to buy Clark Shoes. I used to love your clog like shoes. They were made very well and fit very well. In the past couple of years Clarks changed the way they make their shoes. They do not have the same comfort and fit that they once did. Materials are different and look cheap to me. Another problem is the size of your shoes. I wear a size nine. I just found a pair of your shoes that I like Ordell Ava and guess what, the size 9 medium is too big. Size 8 and 1/2 uncomfortable. I don’t know who or what you use to do your sizeing, but I think the Clark people think the American woman has big bones and wide feet. I do have a wider foot and the medium shoe is still too large. At one hundred dollars pair I would expect a comfortable shoe with a good fit.. When I first started wearing Clarks they fit nicely and then you started making a different shoe. I’m not sure what changed but something did.

  5. Thought they would have done something by now but nooooo. I will never buy another pair of shoes made by Clark. Fall apart as I was walking in them until they just fell off!!!!! terrible products, rotten company

  6. I received a pair of clarks shoes in December, I wore them once and the inside ruined a pair of socks coming from the innersole, it was a green colored substance, I didn’t wear them anymore until last sunday for a funeral,this when I got home the sole on the right shoe had a split about 2 inches you could see all the way thru it,i have called clarks and they are to send some papers, hopefully something will be done as I am retired and cant afford many new shoes

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