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  1. Flip top toothpaste tubes!!! They are going to make me switch brands! They don’t close properly and the toothpaste oozes out making a constant mess and is wasteful! And, it seems that the consistency of the toothpaste is not as thick as it used to be which increases the oozing problem. Sorry, but I am gone.


  2. I have used crest from the day it came on the market. Raised my family using it. Two kids (in their 50s) never had a cavity. I am thoroughly disappointed in the new flip top caps. Messy, wasteful and inconvenient . I hate to change toothpaste over a trivial thing, but have no choice if you do not change tops.

  3. I have 4 tubes of Crest Pro-Health Whitening toothpaste. They have a large cap closure – which after 3-4 times does not close. The paste continues to come out, so I have thrown more away than I’ve used. The mess isn’t worth it.

    Is this a new design???? Can’t recall ever having this problem with other toothpastes.

  4. I was wondering if you make any toothpast without fluoride? I live in west Texas (San Angelo) and the water (Concho River) has a natural fluoride of about 1.8. If so what would I need to look for, as you seem to make hundreds of different items. Thank you, Gerry Clark

  5. I have a tube of Crest that includes ingredients for sensitive teeth. I did not notice that it was cinnamon flavored until I used it. It was like brushing with apple pie or a cinnamon bun. Ugh!

    But the bigger problem our family complained about is the texture. It’s gritty!! We don’t like it.

  6. Tried 3D CrestWhite Strips Classic Vivid & couldn’t get them to stay on teeth, especially lower. Tried to speak to cust ser rep with no luck. Wanted to know if I should be using different product. Can’t send this one back as don’t have receipt. Help!

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