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  1. so far this winter I’ve had eleven thirty packs of Keystone Light hunting special beer that was flat and/or skunky. They were all dated Jan16.

  2. I live in Raleigh, NC and got 2 rebate booklets at different stores that had 2- $25 rebates & 4-$5 rebates for a total of $70 worth of rebates in each booklet. The offer #s are different and I need to know if I can use all the coupons or only 1 of each. It seems to me that since they all have different offer #s that I can use all of them and would not violate the 1 per household/address policy. Can you help clear this up? Thanks.

  3. Hello just wanted you to know that i’ve been drinking coors original for almost 40 years now , that’s what i

    started on and that’s what i’m gonna finish on. To me there’s no other beer that can compare to coors original.

    after work i can’t wait to open an ice cold can or bottle of coors.I remember back in the 70’s you had 7.oz coors

    cans, I’d like to see those again . we called them 7oz. buddies. I’m a die hard nascar fan sterling marlin was my

    favorite driver in the coors light 40 car. I sure miss seeing that car going around that track. and i once saw a coors original nascar with john wayne on the hood. now that car was really cool looking. I’m having a coors rite now as i’m posting this comment. I was born in colorado left there when i was just a baby always wanted to go back to colorado

    to see what its like but i just never had the chance, been stuck in ca. and i don’t care for it. any way if you have anything i would sure be proud to advertise for you like hat or something. Thanks for reading this and i hope i can go for another 40 years drinking my favorite beer and that’s coors orginal. take care!

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