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Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States. The Airline has their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Delta Airlines competitors in the US include United Airlines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Delta Airlines Customer Service Hours

24/7 24 Hours 7 Days a week

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Delta Airlines Phone Numbers

Customer Support: 1-800-221-1212

Baggage: 1-800-325-8224

Ticket Refunds: 1-800-847-0578

Skymiles Members: 1-800-323-2323

Flight Information: 1-800-325-1999

TDD: 1-800-831-4488

Accessible Services: 1-404-209-3434

Comments and Complaints: 1-800-455-2720

Spanish: 1-800-511-9629

Delta Customer Service
Delta Airlines Contact Phone Number


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  • My wife and I returned from vacation Sept 8 flying through Atlanta.
    We booked our round trip tickets April 9, so that we would be assured flight times and seats. Delta changed the last leg of our trip to Memphis without much notice. Our original flight #2078 was changed to # 1329 which made us wait 4 hrs. When we asked to have our flights changed back to the original flight ,delta was going to charge us 75 dollars each to make the change. This is not acceptable and I need an explanation.

  • I booked a flight for my friend going from Atlanta, Ga to Myrtle Beach, SC. At the time the only flight from Myrtle back to Atlanta was at 6;30 am, but I checked again later and they had additional flights leaving later. I called to chang the flight and was told that it would cost an additional $200 to make the change. Big ripoff.

  • I suppose to be in massachusett on 10/11/14 ticket# GHRIMU my travel was interrupte in Detroit for this reason,delta representative change my fligt to the next day causing me expense and a lot of problems because I live in mass,please I need some kind of reinbourse for all the inconveniens this cause to me. [email protected]


  • I had a return ticket on Delta airlines for Sat. the 22nd of Oct in the p.m. around 6:00p.m. to arrive in Sacramento Airport later in the evening around 8 – 9:00 in the evening and I cannot find it iny emails at all. I need it for sure but don’t know where it went. My son, Justin Jantzen bought it for me..I’m Rose Jantzen

    On the 15th I flew here from Sacramento at 6:40 a.m. and got into Minneapolis Airport at 12:08 p.m. Now I can’t find it on my phone

  • I had a return ticket on Delta airlines for Sat. the 22nd of Oct in the p.m. around 6:00p.m. to arrive in Sacramento Airport later in the evening around 8 – 9:00 in the evening and I cannot find it iny emails at all. I need it for sure but don’t know where it went. My son, Justin Jantzen bought it for me..I’m Rose Jantzen

    On the 15th I flew here from Sacramento at 6:40 a.m. and got into Minneapolis Airport at 12:08 p.m. Now I can’t find it on my phone

  • At the Prague airport on June 28,2016 luggage take in was charging us for all the luggages including my medical supplies. It was Prague to Amsterdam in the morning KL 1350.( it was unprecedented ).Cech & Zales.

  • I am flying from fort myers, fl to mpls, mn on may 3 back on may 5- this is to attend my nephew’s wake on may 4th. I asked for a bereavement rate, was told “we don’t give those.” WHAT? 1st – I’m quoted a rate of $1348.20, 2nd 1298.20, 3rd 1258.60 I asked for cheaper flights was told there weren’t any. What is going on? I have been a loyal Northwest Airlines customer for years then DELTA customer. I feel so angry with the grief my family and I are experiencing with my nephew’s death then to pay this outrageous cost for an airline ticket. Shame, shame this is totally unacceptable, how can you do this. I’m a widow, 72 yrs old and still working that’s one reason I need to return on May 5th. Can you please help me with a reduced fare or credit. Thank you for your attention to this situation

  • I am not a happy camper! I just wasted an hour of my time and a Delta representative. He could not help me do anything I needed done to book a first class flight using my Sky Miles account. Been a Delta customer for over 50 years-may never grace their wings again!

  • In Canada any one that’s in the military or reitired from the military never pays for their luggage but Delta makes reitired military people pay for their luggage. If you don’t change this I will never use Delta again. This happened on the 17th of june 2016, I’m not happy.

  • If I can I will fly on a foreign air carrier rather than US. It seems profit comes first even if it means overworking cabin crew , which in my opinion causes complaining amothing cabin attendants that make start making the passengers as the enemy.

  • I must say I was getting scared reading these reviews as I was waiting to be taken care of..BUT Ashley was very friendly on the phone and gave my my seats right away which I had booked online but other carrier was unable to assign for us.Now I just hope our Flight to Costa Rica goes as planned…..

  • They cancelled our flight due to a maintenance issue that kept our pilot in another state overnight. The next day when I returned to airport our flight was delayed because our crew was not there yet. We were treated as if this cancellation was our fault they were rude when rescheduling our flights. So, due to the cancellation I missed a days work, a loss of a full days pay. They want to compensate me with a $75.00 gift. Fortunately I make more than minimum wage so this was a slap in the face. I am in the process right now of taking them to small claims court. Wish me luck and I will not fly with DELTA again even if it means I have to drive.

  • i traveled from atlanta to chattanooga and one of your stewartress was rude to the family sitting in front of us and to a couple in front of us she was wearing a red dress and would not give her name at end of flight , she should have stayed home that day, it would have been a better day for more of your customers, she was on her computer all the time she was in the back of the plane, one lady needed in the restroom and she had to ask her if she could use the restroom because she would not look up from the computer she was on, worst consideration of others i seen in while

  • Every time I fly with Delta and I am trying to return home my flight is either delayed or cancelled. The flight attendants are rude and very inattentive to the passengers. Now you do not receive a seat until you are at the gate. At the O’hare airport, I arrived early and was informed that I could not obtain a seat until 1 hour before the flight departure. Now 1 hour before my flight and the same Delta flight attendant told me she could not tell me but to look up at the monitor in about 5 minutes. What kind of customer service is this? Since the tickets are so expensive I would expect better service. The next time that I fly I will do everything that I can to avoid getting a return flight from Delta.

  • I was going to a family vacation to Cancun to Savannah today (7/27). We are member of four.

    My kids are one 9 year and the other 2 years 5 months. I didn’t purchase the ticket of the younger

    One thinking that we will put him on the lap. I reached Savannah airport at 9 and my flight was at 10:15 am.

    My one luggage was checked in and I got boating pass and the guy told me the I have to purchase ticket for

    My younger one at the special counter. The lady at the special counter gave me the 1-800 number and told me

    I can’t go today as there is no seats. I called 1-800 number and asked for options and told her that I can take my kid at my lap and I have my resort and rental car lined up. She gave me only one option. Purchase full ticket for my younger one and change other three tickets for tomorrow (7/28). The total cost $2148.

    Later I called Delta Customer Service again and asked how many seats are available for ATL-Cancun flight today at 3:49 pm. He said there are 16 seats available, but no seats for SAV-ATL. I could have driven to Atlanta if they gave me the option as it takes only three and half hours to drive.. I could have bought only one ticket for my younger one (ATL-CAN and CAN-SAV )and save almost $1500. However, they didn’t provide me the option. My first conformation no is G2LX2M and 2nd one for the younger one is HGXTEE.

    For that misinformation, I am now losing one day at my vacation. I am returning from Cancun 7/31/14. Can I get my changed ticket fee back? I am frequent traveler and love to fly on Delta.


    Partha Chowdhury

  • I order tickets to Florida and they send me to California and I not know this until I got to California. Now I try get back home to Florida and they tell me it cost arm and leg and I cannot sacrifice neither an arm OR a leg. What am I to do without arm or leg just to get back to Florida. I guess I shall have to live in California as I get to keep both my arm and leg. Oh geez.

  • my wife and I had booked a 3 day air and hotel package to Puerto Viarta $1,350.00 with Delta Air. My daughter was getting married and I having my part of coarse along with my whole family and many guests.The ticketing agent grinned and said “your 1 minute late” but in fact we were 1 hour early. They would not let us on. I paid the next day $1,500.00 to be there (American air) for 1 day. A weak later they sent us 2 boxes of smellie junk (not $10.00 value) with congrads for my daughters wedding. Pretty ugly huh? Meanwhile the BBB has given up so I go to plan B , small claims court .I tell ya this company display’s some real special qualities that are not consistent with civilized humans. I can’t understand how a company can just steal such large amounts of money from people with no reprocusions at all.

  • Today I was assisted by one of your representatives, Ashley, who was so very patient and worked diligently to change a flight that made it absolutely perfect for my family and me to travel next month. A huge THANKS to you.

  • Had to cancel flight (because the destination “could not accomodate” us. On line information leads you to believe that a refund for the tickets could be issued for for a $200.00 fee. Went through all the on line hoops for requesting a refund, until the last screen says :We are unable to process your refund request. Please contact a Delta Representative for assistance.” NO PHONE NUMBER WAS GIVEN FOR A CONTACT. Located an 800 contact number, called it and told the rep that while applying for a refund on line, I was directed to call a Delta Rep.

    She took my confirmation number, pulled up my flight info, then told me that a refund would not be issued but that I could cancel this flight and use the $ for a flight within a year of my ticket issue-for a $200.00 fee, Not refund my money for a $200.00 cancelation fee as I had been led to believe. She gave me 2 ticket numbers to use for re-booking. She refused to send me an e mail with this information.

  • I just want to inform you about a Delta Customer Representative on an “Outstanding Job” she did for us. Her name is Ashley Koumba. My wife and I were suppose to travel to Thailand on Jan. 2, 2015 for a 2 month trip. My brother in law died unexpectantly and his wife was having a “Hard Time” with his passing. I told my wife we should cancel our trip because her sister was having a hard time dealing with the death of her husband and that we really needed to stay in the U.S. to help her.

    We contacted Delta and spoke to Customer Service Representative Ashley Koumba. We explained the situation to Ashley and she did an “Outstanding Job” on helping us pospone our trip until next year because of the current cirstuffstances. The next day, my sister in law called me and ask me if I could pospone our trip to Thailand and I told her we already did because I knew she was going to need us. It really made a “Big Difference in Her Life”!

    I am a Flying Colonel with Delta and I just want to tell Ashley Koumba and Delta Airlines what this meant to us and my sister in law, who was extremely happy about what we did for her.

    jimmy and toi

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