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American Airlines Customer Service. American is part of the AMR Corporation. American Airlines provides airline jet service to approximately 160 destinations throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia. American’s largest competitors are Delta Airlines and Southwest.

Fax Number: 1-817-967-9641

Email Address: [email protected]

Web Services & Tech Support: 1-800-222-2377 Option 1

AA Advantage: 1-800-882-8880

Refund Customer Service: 1-918-254-3777

Spanish: 1-800-633-3711

Hearing & speech impaired: Dial 711

User Provided Numbers: 1-800-535-5225

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24/7 – 24 Hours – 7 Days a week 

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American Airlines Customer Service
American Airlines Customer Service

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Hi, My son left his passport on a flight from Phoenix to El Paso last July 2017. Ever since that time I have been trying, with no success, to get the passport returned. I was told that it was found and sent to your Dallas main office. Since that time I have filed several online reports. I was told that I would receive updates on those reports via e-mail, I have received nothing. I have also spoken with several of your representatives, who took the information, and said someone would contact me with follow up. Again, no one has provided any follow up. It has been almost one year, and I cannot get anyone to help with this matter. (which I think is pretty important as it is a lost passport)The El Paso office confirmed that they had the passport, read off the number and my sons name to me, so I know it was in their possession. I son’t know why they could not send it to me, or let me pick it up, but Their supervisor said that they had to send it to the main American Airlines office in Dallas, and I could file an online report (which I have several times.) Can someone please help me with this issue. This is so frustrating,I can’t believe that this is your acceptable standard for customer service. Until last year you were my favorite airline. But I flew three times with last year, and had boiling water spilled on me (literally, not exaggerating, second degree burns all over my foot and ankle) had vomit on the seat and down the armrest on another flight, and then this passport issue. What’s going on with you guys?

To Whom This May Concern At American Airlines:

The service that was received on flight #1277 from Miami to Charlotte and connection with flight 1885 to Buffalo International on May 14, 2018, was deplorable. My daughter A. Herrnson was on a flight home from Miami to Buffalo. This flight was delayed. The pilot made up for the delay and landed and allowing the passengers to exit the plane at 10:04. The stewardesses informed the 5 or so passengers that they had to hurry in order to not miss the connection. The connection was at 10:08. The passengers were insured that the connecting flight was informed that there were customers coming from the Miami craft heading to Buffalo. The flight crew # MCSTLI never informed the aircraft of FT1885

of such passengers. The crew of Ft 1885 were to close the door at 10:08. My daughter ran to the gate. Her IPHONE read 10;08 p.m. to be informed that Flight 1885 had an early close some 10 minutes earlier and under no cirstuffstances allow for anybody to board. The ground crew on flight 1885 told her they were never informed of such connection.

She had a final in the morning. There were no other planes leaving Charlotte that night. She not only was missing her final, there was no help with accommodations for a hotel. All the local hotels by the airport were sold out. American just let their customers down. My daughter was finally able to get a hotel room for $110.00. Needless to say, coming from the Hospitality Industry this kind of service was not only poor it is inexcusable. I am mortified to say my child was flying American Airlines and treated like a second-class citizen. As a graduate of Florida International University School of Hospitality, American Airlines looks to this University to help grow their upper management. I certainly will make a call to the Deans of the University to let them know American Airlines is NOT standing up to its name. My daughter’s flight left the following morning at 9:00. She missed her final, Thanks to a few employees at American Airlines that could careless with ground communications to ensure the plane was actually on time. I will render a receipt for the hotel from a copy of a bank statement. $110.00 is a small price to pay for a college student to miss a final, get lied to, and promised an untruthful communication. Disgraceful. I could except this from an inferior airline, not American Airlines. This is just unexceptable.

i purchased an employee 20% ticket to travel from mlb/alb/mlb i had to cancel for medical doctor sent a letter and i sent the refund request form,i checked this morning with the post office and was told it was picked up by your people on 3/9/2018 at 8:05 a.m.

when i spoke to a phone rep 1-800-882-8880 i informed her i was a 35 year retiree from american,i dont think she could have cared less.i sent all paperwork i was told to send,so i dont under stand why american wont refund my ticket price.i truly hope you can do something for me i did not cancel the ticket for the fun of it,i did it for open heart surgery.

I was traveling from Minneapolis to Pensacola via Dallas on 2/20/2018. My original flight was canceled, never given a reason, but heard it was not full and there was a later flight for us that day, meaning a 5 hour wait. The later flight got delayed due to bad weather in Dallas area. We sat on the tarmac for 2 hours and 58 minutes, after boarding, then unboarding, and reboarding!We had to wait an hour for a gate after arriving in Dallas. We all missed our connections, had to spend the night and then the morning flight was delayed. The pilot announced that had been the most screwed up flight he had been on in 20 years of flying. The ground agents were rude and appeared very disorganized, not prepared at all to handle our questions. Then when I finally got the Pensacola the next day, my luggage did not! I hope I never had to fly American again!

This was my first time flying with American Airlines We had a great flight on American Airlines. Leaving Greensboro on January 8 at 6;50 am with 8inches of snow on the ground going to Miami to take a cruise , we didn’t know if our flight would be cancel. We took off with know problem, we had a woman pilot, she was great no problem. Good flight. We left Miami Saturday night January 14 at 9;50pmon flight 3833. Our flight attendance Nick was the best. When we got on the plane he greeted everyone with a big smile. A smile goes a long way when you have been in a airport for 8 hrs. Nick was very professional, he made sure his passengers was taken care of, he ask all of us if we need anything and let us know exactly were he was at all time. We was a group 10 , everyone was talking about how kind and attentive Nick was to each passenger. I commend Nick for a job well done. Pilot was great also, we had no problem. Will be flying on American again. Thanks for your great service

This type of ” seat takeover “by the ” fat asses” of this world should not be tolerated by passengers. They should insist on a REFUND, AND REFUSE TO sit on half a seat.

ISN’T it AMAZING…THE AIRLINES, weigh your luggage and charge big fees for OVERWEIGHT, but fail to take action on the passenger COMFORT, and APPROPRIATE MEASURES TO RESTRICT the obese from taking over the SEAT YOU PAID FOR……


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