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JetBlue is an innovative US airline that provides excellent customer service and safety. JetBlue’s competitors include Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines.

Phone Number: 1-718-709-3089

Customer Service Department: 1-800-538-2583

International: 1-801-449-2525

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24/7 24 Hours – 7 Days a Week

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  1. We are loyal customers at JetBlue. We fly with your airline at least twice a year for the past 7 years. Last month, a day before our fly, your company sent us an email to let us know our seats had changed from row 4 to row 33 .(eveventhough these seats were paid for and reserved a full six months prior. When we called to inquire about the change on August 20 ,2016 around 10 pm, we were told that since we didn’t pay extra for these seats they were taken away from us .(to be given away to the passengers that were willing to pay.) Since there were no request for extra fee when I booked the seats on your website,when I asked the customer service to clarify again for me , why do we have to pay more now? . The lady ( Crystal) rudely replied that “she has no time to explain the same thing over and over again” and she put me on hold for her supervisor. Is that how your employees were trained to serve your customers? I was totally shock and furious. May be someone in the upper management need to reiterate to her that it is her job to explain or resolve any problems , until your customers satisfy with the resolution. The supervisor agreed that the nasty representative was wrong about the extra fee but she could not give me the seats that we had previously reserved on row 4 . According to her, the seats were taken away to give to someone else because of “security reason. I was furious to the point that if I had an option to delay my trip, I would have asked for my money back and traveled with another company. It was very offensive to me that it is your company’s practice to give someone else who booked the fly much later than me, my seats, which I already reserved and confirmed by your airline 6 months earlier ,and switched us next to the bathroom. The supervisor could not give me a reason as to why this had happened . Based on what the first representative told me, I believed you people took my seats because someone else were willing to pay extra for them. This is a disturbing way to do business . The people who took our seat were a woman with 2 kids. WhAt “security” reason was that? We are very upset by the way we were treated . You don’t have any respect for your customers and don’t seem to appreciate our business. From now on , we probably will never fly with your company again.


    Ann Nguyen

  2. JetBlue used to be a good airline. Not anymore. Filthy planes, inept air and ground crews, lack of communication and horrible non existent customer serviceLike so many other corporations in America, the quality of service and employees has gone way down. One of the things that used to make it good was the fact that all seats were the same, no classes. Not anymore. Now the Extra Room seats cost more, therefore making the cheaper seats uncomfortable. They are the only airline that allows dogs to ride with their owners at their seats if they are “service dogs” or “comfort dogs”. What a crock of s**t! Now anyone can say they have a service dog and put a little sign on the dog and have it sit with them. Who cares if the person next to them paid $100 extra for the “extra room” seats? On my flight 415 the other night from NY to SF a strapping 25 year old who could obviously see perfectly, hear perfectly, and was clearly a weight lifter had his huge Boxer mix on board with him and the guy stuck in the middle seat next to him,an extra room seat, had to had the dog under his feet the entire time. Allergic to dogs you say? Who cares because as the old dried up flight attendant, Maureen told us with a huge nasty attitude ” dogs take precedence over people”. Maureen also forgot to make the Russians sitting next to me close their seat belts for take off. She never made coffee, offered a second drink during the 6.5 hour flight, ever got the man behind me who asked for a second snack the snack because ” they are in the back and I can’t get them now” by the time she could get them, she’d forgotten all about it as most of the time she spent sitting down and on her laptop giving us all a nasty view as her skirt was hiked way up and pretty much everything could be seen. This woman is clearly at least 60. You get the picture. Additionally, there were a group of very loud Russians on board who were also just enormous. Although I had row 1, an extra room seat, the Russian whale sitting on the aisle blocked passage in or out. They also kept their suitcase sized carry ons in front of them so I had to climb over them any time I needed to get to the bathroom. Other whale sized Russians were allowed to stand up at the front yelling in Russian and flailing their arms for an hour completely obliterating the light and creating a feeling of claustrophobia negating once again my “extra room seat”. Finally after an hour of not being able to hear anything with my headphones on as loud as they would go, I climbed over the whale and his luggage, tried to not get smacked. Y the other whale doing the yelling and flailing ( btw, he did actually smack others trying to get past him to the bathroom he was blocking…Maureen did nothing) and had to go to the back of the plane and interrupt all 3 attendants from their cackling personal conversation to come and make him sit down. They put the seatbelt sign on and told everyone to return to their seat. But of course the Russians never did put their seatbelts on.

    Oh…did I mention the Extra Room seats come with Extra Speed, meaning a shorter check in line. Well don’t fall for it! When I arrived for my outbound flight in SF, I had to stand on the regular line with 50 people in front of me. I was first told to stand on another line, but after 15 minutes being ignored I walked up to the counter and got scolded for standing on the “Mosiac” line, whatever that is. When I said I was told to stand there, I was told by the “gentleman” that the person who told me that “doesn’t work for JetBlue” . Well how am I to know this when he is at the JetBlue counter? Signage is a great invention, people…you may want to try it. And although I cannot remember his name, this “gentleman” saw I was noticing his name and with the anticipation that I might complain about his rudeness, he made untrue remarks about my being rude so when, after days of trying when I finally got one of the 4 ” Customer Commitment” team people to call me, Carolyn Collier, she argued with me, spoke over me, I never got to relay any of this to her and after about 3 minutes of trying and seeing where it was going, I gave up. No one seems to be going for this “Mosaic” scam which apparently lets you stand on an even faster line for a fee. Another desperate ploy to squeeze more money out of people and create another class system.

    Oh yes, did I mention, my original flight on July 15 had been cancelled. Although I was at the gate myself, the video screen was never changed to reflect this. I’d been there since 10 am and it was now about 3:30 and there was no announcement made either. I found out from a text from my friend in NY who was going to pick me up. Sad, isn’t it? Inexcusable actually.

    There’s more but this is already too long. But I do need to mention when I handed over my card at JFK for the $2 bag check fee, I was sneakily charged $99 for the Extra Room seat I was given as a courtesy for other blunders. I had to put it in dispute! Stay away from JetBlue!

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