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How To Contact Allegiant Air Customer Service

Allegiant Air is an American low-cost airline that operates scheduled and charter flights. The company offers flights to destinations across the United States, as well as some destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean.

  • Allegiant Air’s customer service phone number is 1-702-505-8888.
  • The company also offers an online contact form, where customers can submit inquiries or complaints.
  • Allegiant Air also offers a mobile app, where customers can book flights, check in, and manage their reservations.
  • The company’s website also features a section for frequently asked questions, where customers can find answers to common questions about their flights and services.

Allegiant Air faces competition from other airlines in the low-cost carrier space, such as Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines. These airlines also offer low-cost flights to destinations across the United States, and may offer similar services and pricing as Allegiant Air. Additionally, some traditional airlines like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines also offer low-cost options for domestic travel, which can be considered as a competition for Allegiant Air.


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  1. Worst customer service ever! I purchased trip flex because my husband’s father was in a coma and we are going back and forth. His condition changes daily. Tried to reschedule a flight because he took a turn for the worse and my husband needed to fly ASAP. Went to Manage Travel, but there is no way to invoke your Trip Flex options from that page. Checked FAQ’s, no info on how to change travel and receive credit through Trip Flex. No customer support number even listed on website! Paid the same price to book a whole new flight, whether I used Manage Travel or not. Unbelievable! This company needs to be investigated for constantly ripping people off!

  2. I have been trying to contact allegiant and have been on the phone for over an hour. I have been a loyal customer despite frequent delays and cancellations of flights. I probably should reevaluate why i have returned to this airline huh? I have a need to add a passenger for a flight in 2 days who is a minor and i need to speak with customer service to book this passenger. I cannot seem to give you my money as no one will answer the phone and i cannot book her online. please please make some changes to your customer service team as this is totally unacceptable. Please contact me asap

  3. they took 6.00. out of my account for some las vegas crap, I didn’t order or want, I was on the phone with them, for an hour and a half, then they hung up on me. they took the money the day after my flight, if they do that to everyone, that’s over $1000.00 per flight. they steal.

  4. Worst website and customer “service” I’ve ever experienced! 2 hours on the web while it told me that my reservation was being processed and not to hit the back button (I didn’t). Also, while still waiting for the reservation to be “processed” online, I called the “customer service” number and was exposed to 45 minutes of horrible, repetitive dialog while waiting for a customer “no-service” person to answer my call, I’m just thankful the only solution provided was to try the web again…yeah, like that was going to happen! Unbelievable!!!!!

  5. NC is in winter mess I have been calling you all but it’s only an auto person it would be nice if you had a real per to talk with. My flight from RDU is 959 toPunta Gorda . Some flights have canceled and I need to know if my flight has been changed?

  6. I wanted to inform you of an incident that recently occurred with Allegiant.

    My son has been fighting cancer for several years and passed away May 21st 2015.

    My daughter had booked tickets for herself and her daughter to go see him on June 3-10 with Allegiant.

    Unfortunately my son was failing quickly and she had to book an earlier flight early May. We have tried

    to cancel the flight for June 3 and June 10th and try to get 100% refund without any luck. I know companies

    have to have policies and procedures to follow, since I worked for a Global company for 37 years.

    In the case of a death there should be something in place to help the family when conditions like this occur.

    I would recommend a brainstorming session to come up with better policy than you currently have. Please

    take this in consideration for future clients of Allegiant.

    My family will have spent $5,000 with Allegiant,traveling back and forth to see my son, and to prepare for his funeral etc..

    I can say that I am disappointed that my daughter will more than likely be out the air fare cost. Families do not did this

    extra expense during a situation of a family member passing.

    I also want to comment on the amount of time it takes to reach Allegiant Travel – Customer Care Phone: 702-505-8888.

    I have called 2 times and other family members have also called on changing flights etc. Shortest weight time was

    41 minutes longest 59 minutes. I would think with a business would address this and should be un acceptable.

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