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What really sets Earth Fare apart from other stores is not only what we offer, but also what we don?t offer. Like any products with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial colors, synthetic growth hormones (in the meat and milk) and unnatural sweeteners! Yep, they?re all banned from any products sold in our stores!



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  1. Once again I am disappointed because I drove 30 minutes to the store and the sale items were sold out. This has happened often, especially on Sunday- Tuesday. And yet the prices are still going up.!

    I always liked this store (Huntersville) but I am now looking for alternatives.

  2. This is the first and only letter of complaint that I have ever written, but I feel so strongly about the recent changes in the Chattanooga store, and perhaps all of your stores, that I must speak out.

    I have been a loyal customer at the Chattanooga store since it opened approximately four years ago. My home is 26 miles away from the store, but I have been traveling at least once a week there to shop. Although your prices have been generally somewhat higher than other grocery store options (Fresh Market, Publix, and Whole Foods), I have chosen Earth Fare because as a 73 year old retired Army veteran, you have always offered a ten per cent discount, which made your prices comparable. Additionally, I have been very pleased with your breads, particularly the French peasant loaf, made every day, and the pecan raisin loaf, made only on Sundays. I make a round trip of 52 miles each Sunday just to buy the pecan raisin loaf.

    I have been out of the country for the last couple of weeks and upon returning to the Chattanooga store today, I discovered that the military discount is now available only on Thursdays and the senior citizen discount is only on Mondays. More importantly, I discovered that the size of your bread loaves has been reduced to half its prior size, but yet the price remains the same. The size of the raisin pecan loaf that I bought today is joke!

    I know that hundreds of other folks are complaining and are upset because we stood around the store talking about it among ourselves and with the Earth Fare staff. If you are trying to cut corners simply to increase profits, shame on you. If your stores are in financial difficulty, this is not the way to turn it around.

    Unless I hear otherwise from you, I have made my last trip to the Chattanooga Earth Fare store and will begin shopping elsewhere.



  3. After having lived in Johnson city Tn, and Asheville NC, I am afraid I have become dependent on Earthfare. I moved two years ago to Viera, Florida and have written and requested Earthfare to consider opening a store here. I have not heard a response, but am undeterred and am pressing on. This would be a perfect area for a new store. Publix runs a monopoly here, and though they try to offer an “organic section” its just not enough.

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