Eating Well Magazine Customer Service


How To Contact Eating Well Magazine Customer Service

1-386-447-2441 outside of the U.S. 1-800-337-0402


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  1. I hate your customer service line; my head is about to blow off. Usually 7 minutes before I work my way through the automated system to speak to a live person. Subscribed to the magazine in March of 2015 and took advantage of the FREE “Fresh and Simple” Cookbook. After 3 arduous phone calls, today I started and a call, then hung up after 4 mins., because the computer can never get my first and last names correct regardless of how clearly and slowly I say/spell my names.

    Where is my book????? Keep being told, just a few more weeks, etc.

  2. I did not subscript to your magazine I do not want your magazine please do not send me any morer of your magazines, if you do I will compliant to the bbb in your area, remove me from your list my address is , and if is not enough to notify you online , then I will compliant to the att. general office, you do not have the right to make people accept your business., and yes I called your number but with every thief it did not work. , sincerely, marcha

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