Experian promotes financial health of their customers by enabling them to manage and protect their credit reports.

Phone Number: 1-714-830-7000
User Provided Phone Number: 1-800-203-7843 1-800-493-1058

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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ok tried calling to let experian know they may be hacked by another source. I called a number 188772849788.

automated requested same info as the real experian number. when asked why i was calling and said fraud freeze the call was disconnected.

Shame on you experian! A company that truly cared about there clients would have a way to report a potential hack. Isn’t one hack enough?????

that 800-203-7843 number goes to EQUIFAX, NOT Experian! though a human does answer eventually.

You people are a bunch of idiots . All I am trying to do is check on how you list my name. I have contacted Trans Union and Equifax with great success, with not one problem . I believe your company has me listed as a Jr., which I am not. Junior was still born on Feb. 14, 1945 .

Experian: Worst automated phone system I have ever encountered. No way to reach a live person, and the system never allowed you to complete the request that you called for. Just wanted my personal security freeze lifted for 48 hours, and the system had no way of routing you in the system to allow you to do so.

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. All phone numbers connect you to the same automated system. Extremely Awful

The Express phone prompts are not so bad. I got directly through to who I needed. I was assisted by Maurice who listed to my problem was more than willing to solve it and then offered me some invaluable information about my account rewards program and more. I work in the Customer Service field, this CS interaction was excellent. 5*’s!

I was graduating today June 14,and I have bought a two shirt for my graduation and they left both shirt security alarm on it and I won’t wearing them both because of the security alarm. I called customer service no answer. Finally I went one of express store near my school and told them I need the short for my graduation and I told them what happen but the refused to take the security alarm I even show them the receipt I bought but thanks God I went Walmart bought a new one.

This was the most helpful information and saved me so much time. Thank you so much for sharing!

After endless loops using the customer service numbers on the Experian website, I tired this. Worked wonderfully. Thank you.

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