Equifax Customer Service


How To Contact Equifax Customer Service

Equifax is a credit reporting agency that provides credit information and reports.

Phone Number: 1-404-885-8000

1-800-203-7843 User Provided Phone Number for Equifax 1-866-640-2273


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  1. I spoke with Matt at Lexington Law and unable to contact him. Could please help me to get hold of him.

  2. I’ve been told by all 3 credit bureaus that my SS# is blocked. I went to the SS office and was told it is not blocked by SS so it’s probably been blocked by the credit bureaus themselves! I can’t do any thing without an active SS# and can’t even get credit scores. I don’t know what to do now!

  3. I was given a gift subscription from my husband and I can not activate it. When I tried to log into the website it tells me the code is Invalid and when I called to set up the account, the person on the phone wanted me to go find my husband. I am fully capable of setting up my own account. The Gift Code is valid and was prepaid. Why is it so difficult to use and sign up from a gift subscription? When my husband called to verify the code was correct he was told that he would need to put me on the phone. ??????? What if I lived in another State? Now we can’t get a refund from the gift subscription.

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