Find How to Call and Contact Family Feud Customer Service Phone Number - 2022
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How to Call and Contact Family Feud Customer Service


Customer Service Contact Information For Family Feud

Phone Number: 1-800-676-2775

  • It is very obvious that the survey taker, you don’t ask too many people those questions and I think it is unfair.

  • the question tonight was would be something you should kick. one of the contestants answered ” a pet”. totally uncalled for and he should be dismissed from their show.

  • I love the concept of the show and Steve Harvey but we are tuning out because we can’t hear/understand most of the questions steve ask and the questions are so stupid, high school “R rated” and so ridiculous! Bye

  • When things aren’t guessed, you have the audience say the answer. We can’t understand what they’re saying and it’s hard to read. It would help if the host repeated the answer. Part of the fun of playing along is knowing what all the answers are, and it’s a pain to stand up and walk up to the TV to read it because the audience can’t be understood.

  • It’s September 27,2022 and we are watching your show. The Spurlock family is on and I can’t believe that your show let the daughter were the top she has on. It’s a family show and a top like that is a disgrace. Shame on you all.

  • Never understand the big prize winning of 1 car.

    If five family members are playing – shouldn’t the prize be a bigger money prize or a vacation for all– how do you split 1 car? Also for the losing team visa card- each person gets what a 100 bucks??

  • I absolutely love the show family feud and I absolutely do not like Steve Harvey as this shows host!!! All he does is dance around and make stupid animal sounds, why doesn’t just get the answers? He is really bad.

    • I absolutely love the show family feud but I absolutely dislike Steve Harvey as a host! All he does is dance around and thinks he’s funny! Weil he is not . He also makes those stupid animal sounds and that is really stupid! Just get the answer to the questions and play on.

  • I absolutely love family feud but, I do not like Steve Harvey as a host!!! All he does is monkeying around and shows off!!! There’s a question, get the answer and move on instead of dancing around an make stupid animals sounds

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