Farmers Insurance Customer Service


How To Contact Farmers Insurance Customer Service

Farmers Insurance Provides Home, Life and Auto Insurance. Farmers Insurance Agents service more than 15 million customers.


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  1. East Coast local agents are awesome – at least mine is. I have been with Farmers for more than a year now and my agent (on Wilson Ave., Newark NJ), is absolutely on top of things, and she speaks and tries to help anyone, even if you are not her customer. I was paying nearly $5k for my insurance, now I am paying a bit more than $3k (insurance is very expensive in our state). My brother, who was with another Farmers location, moved to her and by the time she was done, he was paying almost $200 less and better coverage. I never knew what I had or why I had it, but after all was said and done, I actually understand my coverage for a change and can hold my own when someone asks what kind of coverage I have.

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