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How To Contact GEICO Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Geico is famous for auto insurance. Geico also offers motorcycle, ATV, RV, homeowners, renters, condo, mobile home, flood, boat, umbrella, and life insurance. 1-800-841-3000


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  1. One of geico clients rearended my car 5days later geico totaled it 10 days now& no will give me a rental or tell me how long its going to take to clear this up so maybe i can get a car myself!!!

  2. First let me tell you that this company Geico likes to harbor criminals. One of Geicos customers fled the scene after breaking my husband’s door. With Geico is not safety first. But if you have the money they will treat you good. Thanks guys at Geico

  3. My husband had an accident with one of Geico insurance clients. The guy that Geico insured fled after hitting my husband’s car. I guess with Geico the Motto is you got the money forget about safety. What a bunch of insurance characters in this Geico company. Harboring criminals.

  4. I have been trying for ten minutes to have a question answered. plagued with surveys that are scams.

  5. I need to talk to someone about my truck. it was totaled in an accident and was picked up yesterday. it had my need battery in it as the one was broken in the crash. i also had some things of my sons who passed away recently. i was sick and couldn’t get out to get them. They took my truck without calling me. I want my things back. Your answering machine sucks. You can’t even get to talk to anyone.

  6. They get no stars from me , I would like to deduct any future star. The customer service is the worst is the worst I have ever experienced. No one is ever available, the managers are never in, I’m only trying to get a denial coverage letter. Ive been waiting a month plus, a Geico customer hit my car and that car wasn’t insured through Geico yet no response from the policy holder. She didn’t have that car insured yet I’m still waiting for the denial so my insurance can pick up the claim.

    Accident 12/15/16

    Today 1/19/17 Still no letter and no one is in to help. Manager or agent

  7. I agree with Vanna Lamberti. Always enjoyed Geico commercials… until now. What were you thinking approving such a crass national advertisement for a stand up company?

  8. I’m glad I ran in to your post Mike! some how I was looking for info on Gieco to buy insurance.. seems like I will go to a nother company that takes better care of there paying customers.. lots of luck to you and getting repare work done..

    Please post the turn out of your claim… looking to read your out come

    Mac !

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