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  1. I have purchased 3 Fitbits in less than 2 years. The first one the band just clicked on, and it blew off while on the motorcycle. Next one was a HR the band broke where connected to watch face and just stopped working. The last one an Alta HR with exchangeable band kept coming apart. It fell off at work and has not been found. I thought about buying another one but am thinking about getting a different type of fitness tracker.

  2. Worst customer service ever! Fitbit quit tracking and syncing for no reason at all and they offer 25%off another device. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a device that quits for no reason, save money and purchase or download a FREE app that will do the same thing or more than this thing.

  3. I have nothing kind to say about this service…… They are extremely helpful when purchasing their product

    If there is any issue I suggest go with any other competitors. Fit Bit spends much on patronizing and when

    It comes to true customer service they drop the ball. I’m frugal being a single mom I saved to purchase this

    “Healthy and helpful device” ……I finally spend funds on my self, should have taken my kids to Disney Land.

    It would have been money well spent.

    Fit Bit….. A financial mistake as well as unreliable, dissappointment… the money and personal frustration.

  4. First my Fitbit works great but after 9 months my band broke off. I placed the Fitbit in my pocket and it still works. I call the company to see if could get a new band. Since it was still under warranty and they had none in stock they are sending me a new upgraded Fitbit. Love this company

  5. I bought a fitbit for my wife for our anniversary. It has been a piece of junk. She talked to customer service several times to no avail. Junk Junk Junk I will never buy this junk again.

  6. Purchased a new Fitbit Charge HR in March 2016, but this tracker developed issues after a little more than 6 months, which could not be resolved by any factory resets, etc. that I attempted. I contacted Fitbit’s main Customer Service Dept. and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to speak with a representative in less than 2 minutes. After explaining my issue and a few more attempts at correcting the situation, the rep. offered to provide me with a new replacement Tracker which I gladly accepted; I was even more surprised when I received a confirmation email from Fitbit, before I ended the call, advising that the replacement was being processed and that I should receive same within 5 – 7 business days. Great Job Fitbit.

  7. Do not buy the Fitbit Flex – the clasp is impossible plus it only lasts a few months. I purchased a flex for my wife for Christmas, she cannot get the clasp to lock by herself, I have to put a table knife under it so hold it solid enough to lock. The Engineer that designed the clasp needs to be fired. Then the clasps broke, so we purchased another set of 3 bracelets for $30 (ridiculous price), and after only 6 weeks two of those clasps have broken. So now we are out of warranty, and out of luck – bad deal. The Fitbit works fine, its the bracelets that are extremely bad design. It appears their higher priced units have a typical watchband clasp that looks like a much better design.

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