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How To Contact Certegy Customer Service

Cetegy merged with Fidelity Information Services, the division of Certegy responsible for merchant check guarantee has been renamed as FIS.

Certegy Check Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 30046

Tampa, FL 33630-3046

Fax: 1-727-570-4936

Certegy Gaming Services Inc.

Attn: Gaming Bureau

PO Box 31038

Tampa, FL 33631-3038

Gaming Systems: 1-866-544-0234 1-800-237-3826


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  1. Cetergy has declined my checks at several stores .I have never written a bad check. I don’t write a lot of checks because I am not a spend thrift . This company is causing a lot of honest people to be humiliated in public when their checks are declined by some company that dosen’t know a thing about them.

  2. Certegy has a $3.5 Million dollar lawsuit against them by the FTC as of August of 2016? I’ll be filing a claim against this company for being in violation of the FCRA and denying my check to be cashed for $143.64 for sending me file disclosure letter that says “NO SUFFICIENT INFORMATION ON FILE”. So if there is no information on file then why am I being denied the cashing of a Lawsuit settlement check? That is none of there business? I’ve re forwarded a complaint to the FTC (2nd Time) to see if I can get some results? If nothing comes of it, The claim will be sent to Certegy in the amount of $1,043.64 for the inconvenience of messing with me and any other fines I find under State And Federal Statutes and Codes of Federal regulations. They don’t seem to be running a legitimate company. We’ll See?

  3. I wrote a check to a company for only $40 and it was declined. I was totally embarrassed when she gave me my check back. But what really made me angry was the fact that the cashier put me on blast by hollering to another coworker..”i have a check denied, what do I do?…..They gave me no number to call. I had to call back to the store ask questions like, “What’s the number to call if you have a check returned. this is unusual for me. They told me that they didn’t know the number but they did give me the name of the company. 1.800.237.3826 is the umber to call. I called them and they ask for my bank routing number and account number and they could not find a reason why my check was denied. This is not right…its’ embarrassing and I think something needs to be done about it!

  4. I was turned down for a check transaction at a local LOWES store.

    I have written checks there since the opened.

    Certagy turned down my good check.

    I tried to call them ,(certagy) but was caught in a computer loop.

    I advised Lowes corporate of my disappointment with their choice of Venders.

    What a way to fail at their business

  5. I tried to make a purchase at Macy’s on Mar. 16, 2014. My check was declined by Certegy even though I had much more money in the bank. I have not had a returned check as they stated. I tried to contact Certegy several times and cannot get anyone to help me. I will never shop at Macy’s again, but how can I get help and clear my name. How can I write checks in the future and where?

  6. I love this company. I wrote a check on 3/30 and got cash and today is 4/13 and it still hasn’t cleared my account yet!

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