Frederick’s of Hollywood Inc. Customer Service


How To Contact Frederick’s of Hollywood Inc. Customer Service

Fredericks of Hollywood is an innovative, world-renowned brand that captures the excitement and glamour of Hollywood by offering sexy styles that make women feel romantic, desirable and confident.



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  1. 09112014 – Teloephoned in order to place an order for merchandise, the Customer Service person was not only incompetent, she had no professional experience whatsoever, did not know how to apologize for her not being able to spell. Very difficult to get through. I asked to speak with a Manager? She wanted to argue, ever want to get to the bottom of a negative situation; ask to speak to the Manager. Must not work for commission because one would never make any money. This person does not need to loose her “job” she really need training in the areas that is most important. After all this, although I have ordered from Frederick’s before, she could not find any information under my name. How sad things have become when business have such low moral. Poor leadership is no doubt to blame.

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