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How To Contact GE Customer Service

GE (General Electric) is a US-based multinational corporation. GE is involved in technology, appliances, media, energy, finance, and green technologies.


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  1. Just had service on my GE icemaker and it has not been fixed. Cannot get hold of someone to correct this repair service. Please help. Service was on 5-4-2016. Need help!

  2. Microwave failed, no power, Technician dispatched. Technician informed me that major power supply had failed and his recommendation would be to buy new microwave. Purchased a new GE microwave at Home Depot. Installers were unable to install device because vent was not easily accessible. Contacted handy man who came out and charged 300.00 for the job. As he plugged in the microwave it did not power up. He then checked breaker box and found a breaker had been popped. He then tested the old microwave which worked immediately. I now have paid

    Bottom line: Technician either was incompetent or was unethical since he did a diagnostic and indicated the power supply was bad on the old machine. I called GE customer service and stated my case and ask that since I had now paid 500.00 to buy a new machine which never should have happened and have it installed. They remove the service charge. They refused and took no responsibility for this debacle. The agent refused to allow me to speak the next level in the organization. This is one of the worst cases of incompetence, arrogance, and total lack of customer service and brand protection I have ever experienced.

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