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LG appliances makes Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Ranges, Ovens, Cooktops, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Air Conditioners, Vacuums, and Dehumidifiers.

Phone Number: 1-800-243-0000

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Email Address: n/a 1-800-243-0000


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  1. Dear Mr. Ellison, LG CEO
    I know you just took over the company and you’re probably very busy and I am sorry for that but I need some help regarding appliances we bought from Lowe’s.

    On February The 17th 2018 my husband and I purchased a washer and dryer from Lowe’s.
    The salesman‘s name was Richard he was very helpful in helping us to pick out a washer and dryer he told us that LG was very good and dependable. My husband wanted to get the warranty and Richard looked at it and said that it did not cover everything in the first year that we might want to also purchase the extended three-year warranty so we did.
    He assured us that Lowes would stand behind what they sold and if there was a problem they would take care of it. he also told us if they had to come out three times to fix it they would replace it. So we purchased a washer and a dryer LG. We put it on our credit card and we paid promptly we did not pay any finance charges or anything and we did receive a rebate on the washer and the dryer for filling out the paperwork and sending it in the required time.
    We left and went on vacation on 23 September we came back on the 28th I attempted to wash a load of clothes in the washer and it washed and then when it got to the spin cycle a E6 error message came on.
    I had received an error message about three days after we bought the washer and I thought it was my fault because I did not do something right so I turned the power off I turned it back on and I redid the cycle. It washed and it spin. It has had an E message on it approximately four times since we purchased it. I called the store and I spoke to the young man and he told me to look in the book the next time I have an error message and it would tell me what I needed to do.
    When the washer quit Friday my husband got the book and said that the E6 message error was the spin clutch to unplug it and call for service. My husband called Saturday morning to Lowe’s and spoke to the warranty department they set up an appointment for Monday, October 1 between eight and four for a technician from Startek in Farmington New Mexico to come fix the washer. they said he would call and let us know when he would be coming. We waited until 2 o’clock when Gary had to go to work and the tech never called or showed up Gary called Lowe’s they gave him the name of star Tech and he called star Tech and the man at start tech told him that he had rejected the call in the order and was not going to come to look at the washer. Gary called Lowes back and spoke to Cherie the assistant store manager. she told him that is not how Lowes takes care of things that she would call him back. She called him back a little while later and told him that we were just gonna have to wait a week or two weeks for star Tech to come because they were too busy. We felt that is unacceptable so Gary went to work and I called to speak to the store manager I spoke to a young lady named Sydney and she told me that that is not how Lowes handles things. I told her yes I’ve been told that quite a bit now and the words are pretty but we would like to get something done about the brand new washer we had purchased. I asked to speak to the store manager Dan and she told me he was gone to lunch and by the end of the day she would be talking to him and somebody would be contacting me. Cherie then later called Gary and asked Gary to give Patrick from Farmington Lowes The model and serial number. Gary called me and I called Patrick at the store to give him the model and serial number. He was busy and they did call me back I gave it to him and he asked me what was going on. I told him and he said that is not how we handle things at Lowe’s. I asked Patrick where do we go from here and he said he didn’t know that Cherie was his boss and asked him to get the model and serial number that she might would be back that day to take care of it and she might not the best thing to do would be to keep calling Lowes to try to get something done. At that point my heart just sank and I asked him so is that what it takes calling and groveling and begging to get somebody to do something for washer that we paid almost $700 for. He said he didn’t know the situation this was the first he heard of it and that he would give Cherie my message. I told him I had no intention of calling and begging and groveling to anybody that they needed to replace it that it was not working and it was not satisfactory the way they were handling it.
    Gary got a call from the technician from Albuquerque New Mexico name Jim and talk to Gary about it and told Gary that he would be in the area in the next day or two and that he would try to come by.
    On Tuesday, October 2 Gary got a call from Jim the technician out of Albuquerque New Mexico and he told Gary he would be here in 15 minutes.
    I rushed home and open house and got ready for him to come. On Monday I had to cancel all my appointments and waited all day for technician to show up and they never did.
    Jim the technician came look at the machine and said he could not get a voltage from the main board to the washer he conducted a test and he said it passed the test he started the cycle and it started to spin and he said well it’s working, then he did something else to the back of the washer started the cycle again and it would not work and he told me sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t I told him it’s been doing that since I bought it. but this is the first time it had a E six message on it.
    He called the LG tech and had him on speaker phone and I sit and listen to the conversation the LG tech asked the questions and Jim the technician gave him the model and serial number and spoke to LG tech and tell him what it was doing the LG tech told Jim it was the main board Jim told him he could not get a reading for voltage from the main board to the bottom of the washer and the tech told him you’re going to have to replace the main board.
    He told the LG tech on the phone that he was going to check the main board for connections and hung up. he then proceeded to check the main board and he said there was nothing that he could see not connected and he put it back. he then asked me who installed it and I told him Gary. he ask me if Gary leveled it I told him of course he did. He asked me if there had been a storm and a power outage and I told him no there had not been.
    He told me he was sorry that he wasn’t gonna be able to help me today and that he was going to have to order a main board.
    He then proceeded to run another test and it would not work he called LG again a second time and told the tech he wanted him to listen to something when he started it to spin. It had a sound and the technician told him it was the main board and the coupler. he would need to replace both of those Jim the tech asked LG tech if there was something lodged in there is that what would cause it he said no there’s nothing lodged in there it’s the main board not making connection to the washer and it’s the Coupler and the main board it needs to be replaced the technician then said oh man and I’ll bet that’s awful to have to change and the LG tech told him no it’s not all you have to do and then proceeded to tell him how to complete the repairs. Jim then tell me again he was not going to be able to help me today he said you might can try it it might work it might not. it might just leave you with wet clothes in the washer he said unless you have a good relationship with Lowes and they will just replace it.
    After he left I called my husband Gary and he said to call Cherie at the Farmington store and let her know what the tech said I called to speak to Cherie and they told me she was out for the day I asked to speak to Dan the store manager and they told me again he was out for the day so then I asked to speak to Richard in appliances the man who sold me the washer and dryer.
    I conveyed to Richard what had gone on and he told me Karen this is just a disaster this is not how Lowes handles things. I told him I’m getting a little tired of hearing those words while they are doing nothing I told him there is no reason in this world why when you pay $1600 for a washer and dryer that you should have to do without it and it’s not acceptable.
    Richard said no Karen it’s not and I’m going to talk to Cherie and find out what’s going on and what we can do for you I told him if the Cupler is already out and the main board they need to just replace the machine he said Karen if that’s already gone wrong with that yes they need to do that. Well that was Tuesday afternoon and Richard told me that he would talk to Cherie and get back with me. this is Thursday night at almost 10 o’clock and I still have not heard anything from the Farmington Lowes.

    Tuesday night Mr. Allison I loaded six baskets of laundry and I will attach the pictures to this e-mail, I went to the laundry downtown and proceeded to spend $22.50 to wash laundry at $4:50 a load and dry them.
    it is inconceivable to me why I have to do that and for what they tell me the next 2 to 3 weeks if Lowes even calls me back to get the washer taken care of.
    I ask you Mr. Ellison what is a good relationship with Lowes? we in HOOD FAITH bought a washer and dryer in February from Lowes. last month we bought a Frigidaire refrigerator, we bought my 82-year-old daddy a toolbox this last summer because he would not spend the money to buy one for himself. last year we spent $9000 to Lowe’s to get our roof replaced and at that time the contractor made a mistake and cut a hole in the roof and did not fix it and I called Brian the store manager and Bryan and the lady over installed sales showed up the next morning to look at it. They both were apalled and what had been done and made it right by getting it fixed by a different contractor and taking care of the responsibility on our roof.
    Over the last year my husband and I have spent over $20,000 in the Farmington New Mexico Lowe’s store.
    I ask you Sir what is a good relationship? Wouldn’t we have one? we paid our bills we pay them on time we put what we bought on Lowes credit card and paid by check before it was even DUE. we had no finance charges we were not late we kept our word we were honest, we was here to take care of what needed to be taken care of. I provided drinks and snacks to the men who came and did my roof. I was here as I told them I would be when they delivered the washer and dryer and the refrigerator. I feel that is a good relationship with Lowes however I do not feel Lowes has a good relationship with us. My heart hurts that somebody would take advantage of my husband and I and our honesty and our Goodnature and our trust. we trusted Lowes with our purchases and we paid a lot of money for it.
    We want to retire in two years and my husband started plans to build a cabin on a piece of property we own in Pagosa Springs Colorado. He informed me this morning we will not spend a dime at Lowe’s. I like Lowes and I like what they sell but your relationships with us a customer is not a good relationship. I feel they should replace the washer there’s too much wrong with it. I take care of what I purchased and what I own. The last washer I had was purchased over 23 years ago when it went out and I bought it from Sears and it was a Kenmore I still have the warranty and the paperwork for it. I never had to have any work done on it in all the years I had it.
    But this one I haven’t even had for six months it has created not only a hardship but distrust of Lowes.
    My daddy taught me a person is only as good as their word so I ask you Sir what kind of relationship do you guys have with your customers? We feel
    Taken advantage of. Stepped on and unappreciated.
    I know you just became CEO of Lowes and you’ve inherited major problems I understand that. I understand also that you’re probably very busy man but my husband works long hard hours in the field and very hard for what we have. It truly hurts my heart to pay it out to people who could care less.
    Kindest regards,
    Gary and Karen Williams.

    1. THAT IS HORRIBLE! I hate when corporate America act like we are nothing and don’t appreciate the money that we spend with them. Please let us know if you get any resolve.

  2. Bought an LG French door Refrigerator in August 2015. It needed 3 repairs in 2016. It is now 2018, bad compressor. New one installed and the refrigerator is still not working. I have had no refrigerator for over a week, in hot August!!!!!. Waiting for ANOTHER repair or replacement. LG has no respect for its customers!!!!!!


    2. I am craped I Purchased a kitchen suite in 2016 and my French door refrigerator has had numerous problems. Technicians have been out over 15 times with this piece of crap for the same problem. I’m looking at all these replies and I’m having the same freaking problems. I have been dealing with this problem since Aug 16th. Everything in my freezer is ruined. I have water in my freezer. DO NOT BUY LG. They do not honor their warranty and you cannot speak with corporate.

      1. After many service calls, calls and emails to the warranty company, today, October 10, 2018, I finally received my new refrigerator! YAY! My husband and I have been dealing with that lemon for 2 years before they decided to replace it. Don’t give up, keep up with your service reports and be very persistent. Invoke the lemon law!!!

  3. bought best LG refrig 26 months ago. No ice now. Spent all day trying to get service arranged. L G web site and phone contact has me crazy.My service provider wont come for LG. LG is closed for the weekend. Have maint contract but does me no good.

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