Groupon is the internet coupon site for local deals. Once a certain amount of people purchase the Groupon, the deal is active. 1-877-788-7858


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RushCard Customer Service

RushCard Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service
  • Good morning Team.

    I purchase one bluestone automatic upper blood pressure Monitor. You charged me for two items.

    Item 288371167.

    Please put the money back in my account and charge me only for one.

    Thank you.

    Jeanette Cobb

  • Groupon web site is DOWN! How does one contact them? Error is 403 cant connect. No matter what computer I use does it answer!

  • I cannot seem to get a human to answer my question nor can I navigate the support section from my desktop computer. I think this marks the end of my use of Groupon. Sorry

  • someone used my debit card to make a purchase on 8/20/18 i need someone to please contact reguarding this matter

  • I haven’t used Groupon in a long time. Got an email with deals, so

    I decided to order something I liked. It wouldn’t let me sign in even though I had the correct user name & password from before because I had written it down. Error saying incorrect, so I changed

    the password, via link sent to my email. It continued to say incorrect user name or password. Tried every thing I could see on the website to get help, nothing!! Then tried looking up a # said it was disconnected. After reading the comments on here, maybe it’s for the best, although I don’t remember having problems before, but only ordered a couple of things. Groupon YOU NEED TO LET PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU !!! Everybody other on line company does!

  • Seems there IS a customer service SOMEWHERE FOR GROUPON but I and others can’t find it!

    If they made one available they would be a decent corp! as is they’re a jyppo outfit

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