Haband Customer Service


How To Contact Haband Customer Service

Phone Number To Track Orders: 1-706-354-3713



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  1. LJR1603-Alt

    I went on a website habboeffects.com.because someone told me to anyway i went on it the websits told me to log on so i did then the website didnt do anything so i went back on habbo and my accounts blocked

  2. Hello,

    My daughter has a Habbo account for a couple years now and recently I OKed for her to spend some money on her account. $24.49/yr. Then within a week she’s not able to log into her account anymore. Looking through all these comments, I feel that this site is a scam. Their customer support is really slow and I have not gotten any response for a few days. DO NOT spend any money on Habbo.

  3. 5/12/2014 I don’t how did this happened, that I did not apply to deducted from my credit card for fees, as per perks something like that, but I did not applied for, why is that, can you please deleted that? and refund all the money you debited from my credit card. Thank you


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