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Phone Number: 1-877-799-7827

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  1. The Hardee’s in THIBODAUX,LA. is getting so bad it is unreal my wife had a hair in her burger 2 weeks ago then I went their Sunday only because Burger King and McDonald was so packed the radio was so loud the lil girl had to ask mel 2 time what I was getting it took 40 min. to get my order3 people came form drive threw with wrong orders and the best thing was they only had 6 people inside PLEASE TRY AND DO SOMETHING.

  2. i really dont see how yall are still in business. the food is just plain terrible anymore..fries are either hard as a rock or rubbery and your spicy chicken sandwich is so tough u can barely chew it much less swallow it..i get craped every time i order something because i already know its gonna taste like crap and plus the workers are nasty..but u dont have no choice when its the only fast food restaurant in town..i really wish yall would just shut it down because apparently the employees dont take their job seriously and could care less about professional customer service..jobs are very hard to come by and they should be thankful they have a job. they should give it their best and be proud to represent their company

  3. The hardens here in Va are the worst slow as well I went to one today and was in the drive through for breakfast for almost 30 mins. I’ve never seen a slower fast food restaurant in my life. I wish I could give the negative stars

  4. I work for Hardee in Anderson South Carolina an didn’t receive my pay for this period…please contact me asap

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