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How To Contact Home Goods Customer Service

Home Goods offers prices 20-60% off department and specialty store prices on popular home items.


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  1. I want to thank the homegoods on 1536 Dale Maby hwy,tampa,fl 33607 for taking time out to speak with me concerning my job app.

  2. I used to work at this store and I feel overall it was a good experience. I visited this store in vacaville on 10/02/14, the day before I noticed a ottoman I was inserted in because it went with my interior decor however, there was a button missing from it and because it was missing it changed the tuffle backing appearance on the furniture and obviously needed to be brought to a upolsutury shop. With that being said I spoke with Caasandra and without even looking at the furniture she said she would take $5.00 off and that was it.(price of furniture $179.99) so I passed then went back the next day and to add injury to insult I found a floor manger spoke to him and he said we will see what we can do so I showed him the furniture and because of the condition he offered $154.00 in which I gladly accepted. Knowing I would need to get this fixed. During our conversation Cassandra was stocking and decided to rudely interrupt and mocked me throughout the store stating, ” I helped her yesturday and she didn’t want my help, so I guess we will see what this manager will do”. Her bahavior was very unprofessional and she should be aware of her “audience”. I shop here frequently and will continue to do so however if I experience such behavior in the future I will be sure this doesn’t happen to future customers as well as myself.

  3. In the past 4 months I have started shopping in Home Goods since I just completed building my new home ( my husband and I actually hired the contractors ourselves so it was a long journey of 9 months to say the least) I was really ready to shop! I am now a Home Goods addict! I met a wonderful lady named Jessica who works at the Highland Village, Texas store. She recently re-located here from calif. I discovered in our conversations.

    I had to return a large mirror that did not fit my bathroom space and Jessica was so helpful and pleasant! She went out of her way to help me because there was an error on the pricing. I very rarely pay a compliment to an employee on line but really wanted the company to know. When I go to the store which will be EVERY WEEK for my ” therapy” I will ask for Jessica. I saw her again this evening and was so happy she was there! She is a wonderful asset to Home Goods.

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