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Horizon Gold Card Customer Service


How To Contact Horizon Gold Card Customer Service Contact Information:

• Phone Number: 1-888-876-6262
• Live Person Hint: press 0
• Email: [email protected]
• Live Chat: Available 24/7 on their website
• Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 9pm EST
• Address: PO Box 1275 Indiana PA 15701 USA
• Website: Horizon Gold Outlet

Horizon Gold Card is to provide exceptional customer service every time. From their knowledgeable support reps to their simple online platform, Horizon makes it easy for customers to get the help they need quickly and efficiently. With a commitment to giving back to their local community, this company has built a positive reputation for providing reliable service for over 20 years.

Horizon Gold Card’s short bio reads as follows: Founded in 1998, Horizon Gold Card is one of the most well-known and trusted names in credit cards today. This company is committed to providing secure and reliable services that meet its valued customers’ needs while also giving back to its local community through charitable partnerships. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality assurance, Horizon has successfully served millions of customers worldwide over the last two decades.

As far as competition goes, there are several other companies offering similar services as those provided by Horizon Gold Card. These include Green Dot Corporation, First Premier Bank Credit Cards and Total Visa Credit Cards among others who provide competitive interest rates and rewards programs that rival those of Horizon Gold Card. Ultimately, each customer should do their own research before making a decision on which card provider may best suit them financially and with regards to convenience or any other criteria important for them when choosing a credit card provider.

• Email: [email protected]
• Live Chat: Available 24/7 on their website
• Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 9pm EST
• Address: 4520 Main Street, Anytown, USA 00100
• Website: www.horizongoldcard.com


96 replies on “Horizon Gold Card Customer Service


I need my money back asap. I don’t want anyone trying to talk me out of it. I just want what is mine. Is this a scam, I ask myself. Then I say yes. Please just put my money back on my card thank you.

I would like to cancel card,and would like my 29dollars back in my account.it’s been a week don’t need it now

you people don’t even have a phone number,i’ll call BBB and see if ur scaming people.

I dont have a card and yall been going in my account charging me 6.95 i really would appreciate it if you guys wouldrefund my card and stay out my account for every withdral please refund thank you.

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