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  1. this company is nothing but a scam they false advertise and when you try to call all you get is a runaround I will be checking with the state attorney general to see what I can do about filing a complaint

  2. Through Hotwire, I rented an Advantage car to pickup at the Raleigh airport. Paid for the car online. When I arrived at the Advantage counter, I was told the car had not been paid for. I checked online with my bank credit card and the amount had been charged to my account plus a $20. service fee which was almost the same amount as I paid for the rental car. All I can say is Beware! As far as I’m concerned, they are rip off artists.

  3. On April 28,2016 I reserved a car to be picked up from Milwaukee International Airport on May 13,2016, The booking agent Ms. Arjey Nieva confirmed for me that I could leave my car at the Dollar Rent A Car lot at the airport and take their car. I was also confirmed thjat my wife could drive the rental car with any additional charge. Today I called the Dollar Rent A car to recomfirm the reservation and was informed that they do not have any place to hold my car and I have to pay $13.00 per day for my wife to drive the rental car. I called the Hotwire and could not get any help. I cancelled the reservation. then I was transferred to a post reservation department for follow up. I talked with Ms. Ann and expressed my frustration and disappointment. The reservation agents are not trained. They would assure any thing to get the business . The information they furnish to the customer is nor accurate and correct. Now I have no rental car. Have to take my own.Very poor service.

  4. I booked a rental car, Dollar Rental Car, through Hot Wire. I was supposed to pick up the car from Milwaukee International Air port on 5/14/2016. The booking agent, Arjey Nieva, confirmed for me that I could leave my car at the rental place and take the rented card. I was also confirmed that my wife was authorized to drive the rented car with out additional charge. Today I called the Dollar Rent A car to reconfirm the booking and was told that they do not have any place to hold my car and I have to pay $13.00 every day for my wife to drive that car. I called the Hot Wire and could not get any help. Wanted to cancel the reservation, could not get any help. Finally went through the new reservation department to cancel the booking . I was directed to the post reservation department to discuss this problem. I am very much disappointed and frustrated. Now I could not find a car for my trip which stars tomorrow. i have to use my own car. The reservation agent is not trained well. They furnish incorrect and wrong information to get your business. They are not bothered about any inconvenience that cause to the customer. Very poor customer service. Be careful when any one do business with this company .

  5. I had a big problem with hot wire on my car reservation .I tried to solve the problem and had no luck. I cancelled the reservation and my planned road trip was messed up. Yesterday I posted a comment on this page and Hot Wire did not post it. It looks like they did not want add one more negative comment on this company. The customer service is very bad. They will assure you very good service to get your business. Once Hot Wire rent a car gets your business, they do not help you to solve the problem with the reservation and you can not even get an agent to talk. Very bad customer service and very bad to to do business with..

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