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How To Contact HP Customer Service

HP is an American maker of printers, laptops, pcs, digital cameras, computer servers, and networking solutions.

Phone Number: 1-800-474-6836


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  1. I bought a HP f300p Dash Camera on July 22, 2017. one year ago. Amazon referred me to you guys on getting a replacement. It stopped working today. Can not get it to come on.

  2. the worst, so stupidg craped right now talking to people that don’t speak English and keep hanging up on me… just bought 6 HP all in one for my office this last year and 1 wont power up now and cant talk to someone…never buy HP again………

  3. I purchased an HP Pavilion 32 inch monitor and never received the VESA mount bracket. Mind you the User Guide has pictures showing how to attach said VESA mount bracket to the monitor. When I tried to contact HP, they told me that my model does not come with the VESA mount bracket. Well, I know that is what they told me about the HP Envy 32″ monitor too. Also reading up apparently the more expensive 32″ monitor from HP does have it either. If this is the case, why put directions on how to install the VESA mount bracket if it doesn’t come with the computer and you can’t purchase it either. When I called HP, I spoke to Febe and this idiot said that you are not supposed to hang monitors because they are expensive. I asked to speak to a manager and she told me that mangers don’t work on weekends. I told her I wanted to speak to someone above her because I want to get this escalated. Needless to say, nothing was resolved and here I am writing about my horrible experience with HP. I was a manger of a Customer Service Department and I would fire any one a ignorant as these morons.

  4. HP may be #1 in printers & I do love mine. However, customer service is horrible! I purchase all my ink cartridges at Office Max. Recently, I got a faulty one. I tried taking it back to Office Max & they gave me a run around. Then I tried HP customer service, there I could only talk to foreign people. One acted as though I didn’t know what kind of cartridge my printer uses, that was pretty crazy, since I told her when I put in a good cartridge, everything worked fine. The other person I talked to wanted the serial number of my printer & while I was trying to get my printer pulled out to get that for him, he hung up on me. In the end, they told me to go back to Office Max.

    These people act like they have never had a faulty cartridge before & I know 2 people who have gotten faulty cartridges. Guess I’ll continue my fight with Office Max as these cartridges are not cheap & I’m not giving up yet!

  5. Bottom line; HP repair ‘service’ is so incredibly bad that I will never purchase an HP computer again.

    Don’t purchase an HP computer unless you are willing to throw it away if it fails after the warranty expires.

    Zero stars (had to press one star; zero is not an option).

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