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How To Contact Lenovo Customer Service

Lenovo purchased the former IBM Personal Computing Division (IBM PC). Now Lenovo builds on its dominant position in China to grow in the USA and globally.


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  1. Really bad system. Lots of problems with pop ups and pop-up web pages n spite of hours on the phone with tech support and having to pay 19.99 month to even begin to get support. Ended up returning it and want the service charges dropped but can’t seem to reach anyone on that subject.

  2. I bought lenovo G400 on september 2013.A few days ago i forgot my windows 8 password.I reinstall windows 8.but it doesnt have any product key.will customer care help me to repair my windows 8?

  3. the screen has been flashing starting 3 months after purchase of my Lenovo. Tech support has tried to fix 3 times over the phone no help. I have the complete IN HOME warranty repair. First they told me it was a software problem and I would have to pay for help. Then they finally agree it should be covered under my warranty, promise a 3 day turn around for my parts to be shipped to a local repair person to come to my house to fix it, per my warranty. 2 weeks later and 5 phone calls in… They finally admit that the part they are waiting for won’t be here for another 6 WEEKS. the problem is there is no way to force them to honor this extended warranty in a timely manner. So basically, this extra warranty that I purchased is worthless, as is Lenovo’s customer service and technical support.

  4. I have a 2014 Lenovo yoga 2. when I .requested a customer service number and a hundred numbers pop up. this is an expensive computer and I cant get to my e-mails and I have been on hold for 15 minutes. and nobody is picking up to help. the number is 1-855-243-6686

  5. I won’t recommend to ANYONE any LENOVO product as I had my IdeaPad S510p repaired twice under warranty and now I can’t even get a LIVE PERSON to talk to as the SAME has Happened again. The hinge on one side has broken through the cover AGAIN !! and when I said OUT OF WARRANTY you can’t get anyone to help so the next step is the ATTORNEY GENERAL. I have tried to call a case manager direct and they WON’T return my call !!.

  6. Regarding the superfish virus that was preinstalled of some of their equipment, these bozo’s should be thrown in jail. This is the most despicable behavior. Even though they said it did not affect my Thinkpad, I threw it in the recycling bin, even though it deserved the garbage pile. I will never buy another Lenovo product and hope to persuade anybody I know or meet from buying from them. They do not deserve to be in business

    Even though I had to give a star to post this comment, I do not give any stars.

  7. Order a Lenovo this last week and gets here one week later. Turn it on and my ONE Year Warranty says it has 311 days left. Call customer support they down all day for maintenance. Just realized we got ripped off. Sending order back asap and will shout out to all who here avoid Lenovo like the plague

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