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How To Contact HSN Customer Service

HSN and HSN.com, the original shopping network, is the 4th largest cable network in the U.S., reaching 90 million homes and operating live 24 1-800-933-2887


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  1. yesterday I ordered a rotiserrie convection oven off the internet . I gave my credit card number with the sec urity code . they said the security code was not valid. I have used it many times and it is on the back of my credit card. I want to make sure you get my credit card number off of your website, I do not want that floating around. thumbs down for h s n

  2. several months ago I purchased a Tracfone and have been trying to follow the instructions and go to a tracfone location to activate my phone. it’s been at least 3 months without this service and I have lost this valuabe time. I want to send this back! I have never been this frustrated in my extensive management background.

  3. I am so fed up I have been trying and trying to get today’s special value. I made an error on my expiration date. I talked to an operator who said I could go back in and change the date. WRONG every time I tried it kept adding more units and I still haven’t ended up with my order yet after acouple of very frustrating hours. I don’t think I ll be ordering anything else.

  4. In Nov 27 2013 My wife purchased a Acer Iconia B1 Tablet.

    I have been trying to get our wifi on this piece of equipment to no avail today I went on the Acer web site to try to resolve the problem I did all that was suggested an come to the point if all this fails return to Acer for service. I know that the time limit is up for your return but do I return to you HSN or to Acer

    Product: Acer Iconia

    Model No: B1-710

    Serial No: NTL2DAA001341169873400


  5. Last December 10th I ordered Ming Tsai NuWave 1300 Watt Ultimate Induction Burner with 2 yr replacement plan. I decided I didn’t want it and when It arrived I had the Post Office return it to HSN.

    Order #1073714235

    Item #302734 These are for the Induction Burner

    Order # 1073714492

    Item #100329 This is the Replacement Plan

    I ended paying for it because they would send to Collection Agency. The post didn’t give me any paper work, they just took it and said they would send it back.I would except it now since I had paid for it all. I’m 80 yrs old and very upset over my first experience at HSN.

  6. Everyone is so very polite and accommodating at HSN … they’re so great at “passing the buck” .. or .. shuffling you off to another department ..and … your time means so little but they deny that in such a polite way .. and if you have a problem you can easily spend 4 or 5 hours waiting for the next pleasant voice of HSN to direct you another department .. I’ve been 2 weeks now trying to complete a registration and I’ve met 10 or so really pleasant voices .. not fixed yet but I’m assured that I’ll be able to talk with another bank of pleasant voices tomorrow . . . well, .. I’m sure that they realize that I have nothing at all better to do. so they will be so happy to shuffle me around again …and the best part is that this is normal with HSN.

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