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  1. I purchased Jimmy Dean Breakfast croissant, egg & sausage large box of sandwiches at Sam’s Club. The sandwiches were purchased about 2 weeks ago. When I opened the box everything looked normal. Today I finally looked close & all the sandwiches have been messed up . They look like the box was sealed correctly but the products inside are scrambled up & look like they have been dropped. I threw the remaining 14 sandwiches away.

    I know I did not drop the box & I am the only person on my household.

  2. I am writing regarding Sam’s Club, specifically the one in Athens, GA, not being able to order the Jimmy Dean tubes of sausage. After speaking to the Food Manager, my understanding is that they are not able to order your product, and haven’t been able to for a number of months.

    They currently stock an inferior product which is simply ground up smoked ham! Please start fulfilling their orders. We miss being able to get real sausage.

  3. We have bought your sausage for as long as I can remember. In the last month or so the price has gone up “a lot”. Is that your company or just the stores? I hate to quit buying it, but this new cost increase puts it too high. Will it come down in the future or is this permanent? We don’t like other brands as well, but prices have just put it out of reach in our budget since we really do have it often.

    Thank you

  4. This is not a complaint just a suggestion.

    I am allergic to eggs. I would like to know can you make some Breakfast Bowl with not eggs.

    My suggestion would be potatoes, meat lover and cheddar cheese for people who do not like eggs or people who are allergic to them.

  5. After buying your Jimmy Dean Delights Honey Wheat Flatbread turkey, sausage, egg & cheese sandwiches, I was expecting to have a delightful breakfast. Instead I could eat them because they were so dry and tough that I almost choked to death. I followed the directions on the package on how to make them in the microwave to the T!

    They were the most horrible sandwiches I have ever tried to eat. I will never by them again. I buy your Jimmy Dean original sausage all the time so I thought these would b good. Not so. I am extremely disappointed. Even my dogs would not eat them and they eat anything. I rarely write to a company or never send my food back at a restaurant, that’s how bad these truly were.

  6. i bought the smoked bacon and mac & cheese yesterday – had it for supper last night – and i LOVED IT. i’m definitely buying more.

  7. I bought 5 boxes so far of jimmy deans snack size sandwiches BISCUIT Maple Sausage 10 count. So far NONE HAVE ANY MAPLE IN THE SAUSAGE !!!!! What’s up Jimmy you forget how to COOK !!! I LOVE THEM PUT SOME MAPLE IN THEM !! Or you’ll force me to go to my store brand !! H.E.B. It’s in Kyle Texas .Let me know if you got this.

  8. Over the weekend I purchased a box of 12 Croissant Sausage, Egg & Cheese (One Step Heat Fresh Pouch) breakfast sandwiches from Sam’s Club in Lansing, MI. So far I have had 5 of the sandwiches. However to my surprise 2 of the 5 sandwiches did not have an egg in the sandwich package – only a sausage patty and cheese. I am bringing this to your attention and to share my disappointment with what I purchased and what I received. Perhaps you need to share this with your qualify control staff so this want be a regular occurrence. The control number on your item that I purchase is A6310871013.

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