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How to Contact Oscar Mayer Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-847-646-2000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-543-5335
Oscar Mayer Official Website: Contact Page

Oscar Mayer Address:
The Kraft Heinz Company
200 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601 USA
Attention: Consumer Relations

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6 Responses

  1. Talked with Susie at Oscar Mayer and she is to take care of the problem. Not much trouble getting through to them just hard to hear her. If they do take heed to the problem and fix it I would consider changing the rating to a 4 star.

  2. Since I have read it’s impossible to get you people to answer your phone, we’ll try this way, and I don’t expect much from this way either. I’ve been using the turkey bacon bits for quite some time and until the last couple weeks I’ve had no reason not to. A few days ago I opened a package that had a small hole in it that I didn’t see, I found the meat inside to be of tasteless quality. I returned it to the store and exchanged it for a new one off the shelf. This morning, 9-7-18 I opened that package and found a bad smell. After checking it I found “Mold” inside. Are you purposely trying to hurt people? I’ve got two more packs to open and I’m almost afraid to see what I’ll find in them, like bugs or broken glass or who knows what. Short of hiring an overpriced lawyer, what do we do to get your attention about “Quality” and a refund or something else for this problem. I await your answer that I probably won’t get, or will I. I thinks it’s best that you do answer me, soon.

  3. Why do you think the people want chicken and Turkey mixed in the product they are buying.some people can’t eat that.would you go to your fridge and pull out ham chicken and Turkey or beef and throw it in a pot and serve it to your family don’t think so .we are not hogs to slop or dogs.clean up your act

  4. Your customer service is terrible, you should consider going out of business. Can’t get in touch with your corp. office by phone, do not answer email in a timely manner. Your products are not of good quality as they use to be, what is going on with Oscar Mayer? You should at least provide decent customer service.

  5. Had amour Oscar Meyer Center Cut bacon last night. It was so fatty I had to watch my grand children closely so they wouldn’t choke! A would appreciate a replacement coupon, and try once more.
    Manasquan, N.J. 08736

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