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Phone Number: 1-866-358-6640

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  1. I received a set of earbuds as a gift and they did not work after a week. Jlab said they would replace them with no problem. After waiting several weeks I contacted them and they sent me the JLab GO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Perfect Fit. I liked them very much. I had trouble occasionally connecting to my iPhone 5. Eventually they did connect. They’ve worked beautifully until just recently after I charged the earbud with the light turning blue indicating they were charged, however they would not turn on. I am sorry to have to report this since I was so happy with this set of earbuds. What I would like to point out is the wheel doesn’t turn smoothly. I don’t know when my warranty expired on this set. For what it’s worth, I feel you could have a good product on your hands if only you could fix this issue. I was just looking for a new set of earbuds on Amazon and saw that many others have had the same issue. Thanks for your time.

  2. My Bluetooth over the ear set is bolo get holding a cha

    Charge it is only a few months old

    A Cusello

    2 west mischa rd

    Trumbull ct 06611

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