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  1. The Worst Customer Service in a World of Fabulous Customer Service organizations from many online merchants and storefronts, like Nordstrom. How can they truly think this is how you do business? and to think it has a reputable name and product! They will not receive my business directly again. I will only purchase via Nordstrom, if at all. We purchased a bracelet for my daughter’s graduation gift and it was too small. We ordered the next size up and it was back-ordered for TWO Months. We kept the original small to be able to compare to. Once the larger size came in it was way too big. When she tried on the two and decided to keep the original bracelet, we inadvertently did not mail the larger one back within 30 days and now they will NOT grant gift card credit….which is simply buying something else in their store! We aren’t asking for FULL credit. This decision came in today after 6 WEEKS of trying to get an answer from customer service, calling them 3 times, emailing, etc…They lost a potential repeat customer and do not seem to care. SAD

  2. I have to agree on this company offering the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. It’s a shame because John Hardy Jewelry is nice jewelry. It’s impossible to get them to even answer a phone. I’ve called multiple times during the day and only twice has someone picked up. Usually, there’s a message stating that they’re on with another customer and to leave a message. I bought a bracelet, the delivery system was ridiculous. Free shipping means standard shipping so I assumed that it would be priority mail. They shipped it FedEX Home which isn’t even run by FedEx, it’s subcontracted to an unnamed company. I sat and waited all day, three people were in the house including a very alert dog with a big bark and a loud door chime. The guy snuck up the steps, slapped a “no one home” tag on the storm door and left, No bell, no bark. I got the email about 5 minutes later and rushed outside- he’d taken off. He never rang the bell or knocked. I called FedEx who seemed to know exactly what I was talking about as if it’s a pattern. They gave me the number of a company he said was handling the delivery(?) and the woman was very nice and helpful. Again, she also didn’t seem surprised at what happened. I arranged to pick the box up at a FedEx branch the next day and that’s when I learned from FedEx that it wasn’t their company. The bracelet was too large so I set about creating a return. That was 3 days ago on line and I was informed by email that it takes two to three business days to issue a return label. None yet so I’m planning to dispute the charge with my credit card company until I get a resolution, I’ll bet this isn’t the first time my cc company has heard this story concerning John Hardy They need to rethink the company’s set-up in the on-line “boutique” and delivery end. But I won’t be holding my breath.

  3. This has to be the worst customer service ever!!! I love John Hardy jewelry and asked for a braclet from my children for Christmas. It was to small, they return it and reordered a different size. Today is February 23, 2016 Since December 27th and twelve different calls and excuses, I have not received it. Between the warehouse moved and they did a complete system change, one excuse after another. They promised to call back or email today, nothing. I am so disgusted, that I will be calling for a full refund. I will never order from them again!

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