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How To Contact John Hancock Customer Service

John Hancock Insurance and Finance provides insurance and financial services including life insurance, annuities, and mutual funds.


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  1. Even one star is too high. I have repeatedly phoned with being put on hold for an “eternity”. Finally realizing that the call is routed through their Philippine call center . I truly feel that this company should be investigated. I have a policy (in hand), a letter confirming the policy, and yet I am told they have no record. Sounds too fishy !

  2. Absolutely miserable service. My wife and I have LTC policies and cannot contact any representative to service the policies. We moved to a new location and cannot contact anyone thru their website nor phone contact. They have received over $40000 in premium payments……NO SERVICE .


  3. 2/16/2016

    Tried several locations on the internet just to find your phone number. It shouldn’t take a detective to be able to locate your number. After reading the rest of these comments I am thinking John Hanjerk Customer Service is not very good. Keep you jobs her in the USA and maybe your quality would improve. Glad I do not have your insurance.

  4. I have an ins policy with john Hanjerk, and I can;t find the policy? pam coker, I don;t know if you would have any thing on it or not, live in Roswell, mi 48422. thanks,

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