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How To Contact Kohler Customer Service

Kohler Co. has been improving the lives of its customers with exceptional products and services. Kohler’s products include plumbing, generators, vacations, and furniture

Kohler Customer Service

444 Highland Drive
Kohler, WI 53044 USA


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  1. I have tried to get assistant from Kohler for the past 10 days without success. Please provide a contact number other than 1 (800) 456-4537

  2. In the last two years I purchased 2 toilets that are the low flow 1.6 gal tanks. I’ve noticed the water level in both bowls are low and as a consequence they tend to be dirtier than the old style toilets that had slightly higher water levels. This also calls for extra flushing. Not exactly saving water. I also notice a ring forms if I have not used the toilet for a couple days when I am gone.

    The toilets also have a great amount of “back splash” ( I am a man) when using them while standing. My remodeled floor has black and white tile and I can see the splashing on the floor.

    Trust me I am hitting the mark. I have tried to see if there was a way to raise the water level in the bowl as I think it would benefit both problems. I can’t seem to find an adjustment.

    Both units are comfort height and are nice in this respect.

    If it were not for the extra expense to replace the units I would go back to the old style. The noticeable hygiene issues I have stated make my bathrooms very unclean.

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