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How to Call and Contact London Fog Customer Service


London Fog Customer Service Number For Support and Help

London Fog is famous for outerwear and rain coats. London Fog is seeing a revival with their appearance on the tv show, Mad Men. The products are available at Macys in the United States.

London Fog Address

Iconix Brand Group, Inc.

1450 Broadway

New York, NY 10018

Main Office Phone Number: 1-212-730-0030

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address: [email protected]

Stock Symbol ICON

  • I happen to have a problem with a pair of London Fog Rainboots which are parting around the front of the sole &

    I have wet feet – very disappointed. They were a gift purchased at The Bay London Ontario & have no receipt.

  • I am trying to return a coat I bought for my mom, but when I enter my order #, last name and e-mail address, the website does not recognize me. I e-mailed them, and have not received the automatic “thanks for your inquiry” e-mail, at the very least. I tried calling, and that is impossible because a recorded message is all you get. My 30-day window of returning the item is quickly closing, that’s why I need to return asap. Pretty disturbed by their lack of customer service. The detailed return instructions are for nothing because your website is not acknowledging my order, and clearly I am a customer, and a very unhappy customer at that!!!

  • I bought a London Fog trench coat for my sister for Christmas and did have difficulty in getting someone to reply to my many phone calls and emails when I had a problem with the order When my sister tried the coat on it was too small. I should have ordered the large instead of the medium, even though all her other coats are medium. Now I am trying to get it replaced by the larger size but the coat I originally bought had a 20% discount. I am at this time trying to get in touch with ANYONE who can tell me how to return the coat without it getting “misplaced”. Please, someone contact me so I can get this matter resolved.

  • I purchased the London Fog Stratford Club Bag at Hudson’s Bay as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Recently, I noticed that one of the handles developed a tear which, without attention, will render this bag useless. A Hudson’s Bay rep who informed me that they, themselves, play no role re: warranty issues beyond a thirty period, provided a customer service contact number which I called just now. The male I encountered was very unprofessional – rude actually, and impatient in dealing with the issue I was attempting to present (I use the term “dealing” specifically since, in my view, what transpired between us could hardly be referred to a “service”…never mind customer service). I was asked to call back as he was on a long distance call (so was I!). I was told to “be fast” which was very unexpected and put pressure on. I was told I could ship the case to his address …maybe it could be repaired unless it wasn’t a defect in which case I understood it wouldn’t get fixed and that I would be paying for shipment back to me. I ended the call abruptly. I’ll take the bag to a shoe repair person, pay for it out of pocket and hope for the best. Moral of the story: a sale price is not always the best price. Educate yourself PRIOR TO as to what the details are re: warranties as well as what role the manufacturer and retailer each play and don’t make the purchase if either demonstrate hints of the lack of integrity I came upon. Best.

  • I bought a winter jacket $$$, thinking it was high quality. Since day 1, I got a lot of feathers falling off and sticking on my clothes when I was taking off my coat. 3 days after I bought the purchase, a bottom of the Hood fell off. The red color rubs off on my beige bag that I carry and on the edges of my computer (because I work on the train when commuting). Now, it’s been 2 weeks that I have problems with the zipper: it unzips from the bottom and at the top, it stucks at one particular place. Customer servide doesn’t want to replace it.

  • Bought a men’s chester parka from London Fog. Zipper fabric tore within three weeks and the zipper broke off within six weeks. This is the second time this happened to me with a London Fog coat. Customer service will not respond to my e-mails. Never buying anything made by this company again.

  • Love, love, love, LondonFog coats. It has been a must have from generations. Whom ever I give a gift of love it is a Londonfog coat. Just received my Ultra Lightweight Down Coat. My son is 12 and is growing I purchased a medium size for him. My older generation loved down pillows. So excited now for my next purchase. Thankyou for makingmy fam happy!

  • There is NO WAY to talk to anyone at London Fog by phone.

    Not even on the busiest shopping day of the year.

    Not even if you call corporate headquarters.

    The sizing of their coats is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than any other sizing of women’s clothing in America.

    And there is no one to talk to, to tell you if you are making the right choice.

    After e-mailing customer service, I got a reply 3 days later.

    They said the sizing was based on the measurements of the COAT not the person wearing the coat!!!


    I am still totally confused as to which size I should have ordered, and may have to return coat—IF that is even possible.

    Who can tell?

    I have not even received my coat yet, and I am terribly unhappy with this company.

    London Fog used to be a quality brand name.

    Obviously, not any more.

    I wish I had never ordered from company.

  • I bought the London Fog Knightsbridge Dome Satchel this past December and the handle is starting to peel. This is my first time every buying products by London Fog, to say I am disappointed in the product.

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