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Lululemon Customer Service

Lululemon makes yoga wear clothing, hot yoga wear and athletic apparel for men and women.

400 – 1818 Cornwall Avenue

Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1C7

Main Office Phone Number: 1-604-215-9300

Fax Number:

Email Address:



2 Responses

  1. Bad bad customer service . They did not honor the reduced sale price and they claimed it is a mistake! I spent thousands of dollar at Lululemon through the years and I will never shop at Lululemon again. They lost a very good customer.

    A disappointed customer

  2. i started Vinyasa hot Yoga about 8 months ago and purchased the Lululemon’s large size mat, at first it was impressive. The size was and still is perfect but the grip has gone away. No matter what I do it has become so slippery after only 5 months of use. I have had to purchase and use a rug on top of the mat now for the last few months and all the mat is good for now is to keep the rug from slipping on the floor.

    I thought I have placed a review on their web page and with customer service and still have not even received a response.

    I’m disappointed !

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