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Luminox make swiss watches and timepieces. The company is famous for US Navy Seal watches and the USAF series.

Main Office Phone Number: +41 344 48 37

Fax Number: n/a

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  1. My brand new Luminox (model 1924) changes the day to German (I think) at midnight but it is the day before. It changes to English day around 4 am. Did I do something wrong in setting it or is that that nature of the watch? If so, I will never purchase another Luminox again. It should change both date and day at midnight. We live in America. If you want to sell watches to us, speak and spell English at the right time of day. Robert Wright

  2. I have a fifteen year old “Navy Seal” and all the “constant glow” markers have dried up. I have attempted to contact them through their web site with no luck. I am extremely disappointed in that I spent a great deal of money for this watch! I will continue to use my “G Shocks”, they have never let me down yet!

  3. I sent my special SR-71 blackbird watch to the Luminox repair co on January 26 and to date have not received a word from them regarding the repair for this $900 watch. The main issue was replacing the band but no, not even an acknowledgment or an estimate for the work. One would think three months would be enough for such a replacement but nothing but silence. By the way the “25 year luminescence” was almost gone in less than one year! This feature is aparently B. S. What should I do…try to sue them? Send me the watch back unrepaired and I would be happy. Warn your friends not to buy this product.

  4. my husband and I both have watches. his needs servicing and I need a new watch band. we have tried everything to contact someone to obtain customers service assistance. We have found this company’s website void of any helpful information which appears to be there goal. It provides no information to assist customers. the catalog does not down load. I sent a customers service request, no response. we searched for a service center and found one in rhode island but provide no way to contact them to submit for repair. I even contacted the company by phone I think. The message did not give a business or company name only an individual name, and only allowed you to leave a message. Of course no response was received. In my opinion this company should not be doing business in the united states. I intend to contact my state’s consumer protection agency, and the federal consumer protection dept. it does not deserve any stars but that is not an option.

  5. My Luminox watch ran perfect for 9 months. It has started to lose time 3-4 minutes per day. I called today for service and was told that it would take 3 to four weeks for estimate or repair. I do have a PayPay receipt. I am requested to send it but was told that the authorized repairer must verify that I purchased it from an authorized seller. This is ridiculous for what was supposed to be a superior watch. Should have bought another brand. The 1-800-858-5215 warranty service number listed in the warranty manual is bogus- scam telemarketer – answers. This watch replaced 2 previous Swiss Army watches that lasted 17 years in total. Thought this was a better made watch. Evidently I made a mistake. Based on my experience I would not recommend this brand. Another buyer be ware product.

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