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Fossil makes Watches, Handbags, Wallets, Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories. Fossil is vintage inspired, yet modern.



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  1. Purchased handbag from Macy’s in Manhasset, LI, New York approx. 2 months ago. Fossil handbag with leopard fur on the front and back of the bag and dark brown leather for bottom, top, sides and handle. In less then 2 months the faux fir has come off the bag in areas. It has come off onto my coat and other pcs of clothing. Besides the fact that it has come off, the bag is now looking terrible. I buy nothing but Fossil handbags – I use nothing else. I am really surprised at this. I have handbags going back 25 – 30 years that look better than then this bag does. I am not a happy camper!!

  2. I have two problems with my Fossil products. #1 is I bought a purse and spilled some water on it (all leather) and the stain will not come out. I took it to a leather place who said it could not send it off because it is a purse and it should not have stained the leather. I took it to a place that repairs and cleans shoes and purses and he said he could not remove the stain after trying leather cleaner and it did not work. I have tried asking people to no avail, so I am asking you for support.

    Also, I have a fossil watch that broke at the band and watch face. It is not a leather band, it is hard plastic or resin, I guess it may be called. the watch works fine but I cannot find a watch repair place that can fix it.

  3. Hello! I have a design idea that is almost done with the patent process, and, I wanted to see if Fossil is looking for new ideas to buy? i would like to either sell or if they are willing to license the product. I really like watches, and, most of my watches are Fossil and michael Kors. And, I will be very happy if i can get a response from the Fossil company. I am just trying to get my idea outthere. Thank you so much!

  4. Have a fossil belt that needs the buckle repaired. Can you do it. It needs a screw holding buckle onto belt.

  5. I brought 3 watches in the store at the MOA in MN to have the batteries replaced. I also purchased a beautiful bracelet there at the same time. When I got home I decided to also purchase another bracelet that I had noticed. The store manager at this particular store was very helpful and very pleasant to do business with. He knew his stock and was very informative with any information I may have needed regarding the watches/bracelet. He also directed me to another store in the cities where again, I was very pleased with the “customer service.” If anyone would like to purchase good quality mdse I would strongly recommend a Fossil store. Their employees are very pleasant! Thank you.


  6. I got a Fossil watch for Christmas 2 weeks ago. Pin connecting the links came off twice already. I was lucky to catch it before it hit asphalt. Will not recommend this watch to anyone.

  7. on march 26th while we were in NEW YORK CITY, my wife and I purchased a fossil watch at the times square shop. I was told that the watch had an unconditional 1 year guaranty, yet when we have tried to get it replaced at anyone of the recommended stores we were not able to get any satisfaction..please give me a call and tell me where to take it …john @ 414-530-1672 I have the was bought in 2014

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