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How To Contact Maurices Customer Service

Customer Service Number: 1-866-977-1542
Main Office Phone Number: 1-218-727-8431
Maurice’s Credit Card: 1-866-880-4385


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  1. I am writing to report a bad experience that happened to me last night.

    I received a message on my answering machine that I had a package waiting for me at a Maurice’s in Alton Illinois. The package is ready to be picked up and to bring my ID when picking it up. That’s three hours away from me. I called asking what kind of package was there. The worker said she doesn’t see anything. I told her I received a message at 2:00 pm that there was something there it’s now 4:45 pm. I then asked her how she got my name and number. She repeatedly said, “I’m sorry” & “I don’t know”. Is there not some kind of store policy to try to find an answer for a customer on the phone or a shopper in the store? An answer of Ms. Allen can I have your number I’ll check on this and call you back. Come on people we live in a country where identity theft and stolen credit cards are the number one problem.

    So I then called my neighbor who works at my local Maurice’s and let her hear my message. She said, “that’s weird”. She then explained to me what she thought of could have happened, but she was not sure. She told me to call back and talk to the manager. I did and the same girl answered and said, “they’re all in a meeting”. Now, I’m ticked that no one can answer my questions.

    Did someone steal my credit card information & was this purchased with my credit card, how did they know my name and phone number and if there was a package for me, did whoever come pick it up show her ID(we all know that it wouldn’t have matched).

    I called customer services and asked for help. Which she pretty much gave me the answers my neighbor did. She looked on the computer at my phone number and name and found that I wasn’t charged for the purchase.

    However, now my identity from your TakeTen card is out there on a receipt for someone in Alton to see. How is that fair to me? I know now that it really comes down to carelessness of your employees but what really ticks me off is that the lady answering the phone didn’t have any common sense to take a minute to look up on the computer my name or phone number to see if an order was placed. At that point, we would of know if someone did or didn’t place an order. I totally understand there are people with the same name.

    Am I asking for something to be done… I think that the store should be told they made a mistake and I think there is a better answer to a question than “I don’t know”. If you don’t know then find someone who does!!! Plus, someone didn’t train this employee well.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Last night I was concerned someone had my credit card information and was on a shopping spree.

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