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Phone Number: 1-800-645-4273 association with this company:

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  1. I just purchased Milk-Bones new product—Mini Brushing Chews for my little Shizu. Was disappointed in that she will have nothing to do with it. She does not like the smokey smell apparently. Normally she will take a treat right away but this she absolutly refused and ran the other direction. I also tried to leaving it lay by her bed. She would not go to her bed as long as that bone was there.

    I’m sorry to say it did not work for her.

  2. I windowed my home with milgards (tinted) in 1995 – after 15 tears I had one minor problem that was immediately corrected and another problem in 2015 involving a munton that was corrected without questions..A warranty doesnt get any better.

  3. We had Milgard replacement windows installed in 2003 through Newman Replacement Windows in San Diego. Late in 2015 we discovered that the seal between the dual payne failed and the glass looked awful. I called Newman and they provided me with the Milgard CS phone number. When I called and explained the problem in Novemebr, Milgard set up an appointment for early February. I thought someone in February was going to inspect the window and make a determination as to whether it was covered under warranty or not. Two very courteous Milgard workers showed up with a new pane of glass and installed it. Nothing to sign; nothing to argue; nothing yo prove; just done! We didn’t even have to sign anything. Thank you Milgard! That is a lifetime warrantee totally supported.

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